What is it mean to be living on purpose? Is there really a purpose we’re supposed to be expressing during his lifetime? If so, how do we know that we are living that life?

A few years ago my wife and I were at our organization’s annual spiritual conference at Asilomar. During one of the general sessions, they played a game, where they asked questions of people regarding how much they had spoiled their dog. My dog, Harmony, is truly spoiled, although she doesn’t act like it. At the end of the contest there were a group of us standing in front of the general assembly. Everyone agreed that we were the winners having most spoiled their pet. There were prizes they were giving out and I won a very nice piece of artwork that incorporated a meditation by Ernest Holmes called “Meditation for Opportunity”.

Since that time, this piece of art has sat on my desk. I used to read it frequently, but over time it has become simply part of the background. Recently however, something inside me called me to read it again and, boy I was surprised to read in part “there is a Divine Urge to express. It permeates me and fills all space and all people. All of my affairs are in its hands.”

Why was I surprised?….I realized that over the past year or so while this poster sat there consciously unread, subconciously it was seeping into me as I had really become enthralled with Holmes’ idea of the “Divine Urge”.  I had been reading about it, discussing it  in my classes, and used it as a key concept regarding the our purpose in life.  In essence, I had begun living the Divine Urge.  What is this “urge”?

From my understanding of Holmes, this urge, although a single force, shows up two ways. I sometimes liken them to a “push” and a “pull” , but both have the same ultimate purpose. The push is an internal sense that we all have that calls for us to express some unique creative ability during this lifetime.  As we express our unique creative abilities that want to come forth,we are living on purpose.  The pull, on the other hand, is a force that comes from Spirit calling us back to living in that sense of Oneness or Spirit.  This includes the power of love discussed yesterday.

One way of looking at this is to consider that we have been cast out from Oneness (living in a state of pure awareness and unity before birth) to live this third dimensional life with its sense that we are separate and apart.  Yet, all the while, there is a seed in us that knows that our ultimate purpose is to grow back to our Source. It’s kind of like a “tracking beam” in Star Trek.  But while we are here, having this sense of separation and uniqueness, Spirit is taking this opportunity to experience the vastness of life through us.  Spirit calls for us to express our unique gifts (that is, to live on purpose), in return Spirit gets the benefit of that unique experience through us. As Holmes puts it, we exist “for the delight of Spirit”.   The greater the variety in all of our individual human expressions, the greater the variety of experience of the fullness of Life by Spirit.

Each of us came to this planet to express something uniquely. There are no limits as to what this expression can be. It could be that we are here to write and teach, to walk in nature, serve in stores, to raise children, to discover new scientific truths, and so on. Holmes tells us that as long as it expresses more life and harms no one then it is good and of Spirit. It is only in our minds and conditioning that we sometimes look at certain things we humans do and judge them to be less than “on purpose”. Ultimately, it is not our call to say whether another person is living “on purpose”. Our only task is to determine if we are.

And, how do we know that for ourselves? That’s a whole other subject but for now, let’s simply say that there is an “knowingness” that you have is fed internally by intuition and externally by the patterns of life experiences.  Through the combination of these two patterns, you “know” what your life purpose is….although your rational mind may try to talk you out of it!

Finally, as we live on purpose….following the internal divine push to create….we find that in expressing our talents completely we are called home to a greater sense of Oneness and unity.  The expression of our talents ultimately serves to open us, just like the power of love, to the sense of something greater than our individual selves…..ultimately, we begin to realize that both the internal push to create and express and the external pull to return to Spirit have the same goal….to return us to unity…. French paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin described the same force with his concept of the “omega point”….the ultimate point to which we are going home.

So are you living on purpose?  Are you listening to that intuition and live experiences that are pointing you towards your unique expression in this life time?  If you are, hopefully this will open you to seeing how living on purpose is serving your evolution back to Spirit.  If you are not, then it’s time to “stop, look and listen”….and begin to live in alignment with why you are really here.  Now is the time.




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