Are you trying to force anything to happen in your life?  One of the lessons we all get to learn as we move through life is the importance of letting go of the struggle with life.

Life Teaches Us To Struggle

As a child learning navigate through life, we discovered that we could “make things happen out there” through our personal power.  We wanted something, we cried until we got it.  As we grew up, we discovered the physical and psychological means of manipulating the world and the people in it to attain our desires.

We also frequently discovered that the world and others pushed back.  Our attachments to our desires coupled with this pushback created the belief in most of us that life is a struggle and we have to force things to happen.  Many people may not say they believe this, but their actions and statements show they hold this subconscious belief.

Where Are You Trying To Force An Outcome?

I’m not saying that goal setting, dedication, hard work and perseverance are not good characteristics to cultivate.  They do serve us.  Nor am I suggesting that there are not times when it is in our best interest to establish healthy boundaries with others. Unfortunately, there are people who have forgotten their spiritual truth and interconnectedness to others and seek to do harm.  We must take appropriate action (including force) in these cases.  These situations are not what I am referencing.

I am talking about where we see aspects of our life where we have a preference on how “things should be”, from our health to jobs to income to relationship and so on, and we hit up against the brick walls of life.  Then,  instead of trying to ease our way around the wall we choose instead to continously bust our head against it.

Where are you so attached to a specific outcome that it is causing you struggle and pain?  Where you feel that it’s all up to you to make something happen?  Where you believe that life is conspiring to keep you from attaining your desires in spite of all your hard work?

Evolution: Survival Of The Fittest Or Emerging Through Least Effort?

At some point in our life it becomes beneficial to grow beyond our childhood lessons of using our personal power to force life to bend to our will.  Some people never learn this lesson and consider life a struggle their whole lives.  Yet as we learn to cooperate with the evolutionary forces of life, we discover that life always seeks to emerge following the path of least resistance.

When we view life as a struggle, then evolution appears to be a struggle as well.  Our attention is focused upon how “selfish genes” seek to overcome other “selfish genes” in a battle to determine the “survival of the fittest” and stave off extinction.  Hence, one background motivator of our actions is to “win” at life while others lose.  Our evolutionary survival instinct can push us silently into seeking to control life.

Many mystics and spiritual teachers come to a place where they realize that our growth calls for releasing the struggle.  They describe how our pain arises due to our attachments.  They advise us that life works by a “law of least effort”.  They tell us that life is truly “for us” and not “against us”.  They seek to guide us to a place where life unfolds with effortless ease.

If your view of life is still about forcing outcomes for personal advantage, then you tend to think this is a bunch of new age mumbo-jumbo.  You might see it as laziness, giving up, and losing in the “battle of life”.  That’s okay if that’s your belief.  I’m just suggesting you consider how your worldview plays into your dismissal of any law of least effort.  I cannot stress enough how we look at life creates the life we see!

When we view life through the lens of least effort, then we realize that evolution appears to follow the easiest path.  Consider how water flowing downhill seeks out a natural meandering direction where it meets the least resistance.  Similarly, we could look back over the history of natural evolution on planet Earth and see how the emergence of life also followed a meandering path tossing out variations in species and their characteristics until the ones that met the least resistance flourished.  When we see our individual life and its unfoldment being about release of any struggle and seeking to move in the direction of least resistance, then our lives too begin to flourish.

Allow Life To Emerge Naturally

One of the mysteries of life is how properties that did not exist at lower levels of the evolutionary path naturally emerged as life evolved.  Science cannot explain exactly how life itself grew out of the combination of certain molecules.  Science cannot explain how the intent to reproduce itself emerged from life.  Science cannot explain how the evolutionary path allowed consciousness to emerge.  Theories abound and maybe one day we and science will discover the answers.

What we can see though is that there is an evolutionary path where characteristics seek to naturally emerge.  Did the universe struggle to bind atoms into molecules?  Did the universe struggle to allow life to emerge or consciousness to spring forth?  Sure, we can point out how different expressions of life struggle against the forces outside themselves just as we can point at how the flow of rivers “struggle” against the flow of rocks.  In both cases, they creatively seek through trial and effort to eventually find the easiest direction to move forward. What lesson does that hold for us?

Your life continues to evolve.  You have moved through the lessons of trying to force outcomes and struggling against life.  Now the next stage of life is seeking to emerge naturally through you.  Through trial and effort you learn that trial and effort is moving you in the direction of least effort.  Evolutionary forces are moving you towards letting go of the battle to force outcomes and dance joyously in the natural flow of life.  Let go and allow life to emerge in all its perfection!

Mark Gilbert


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