What do you think? What do you feel? Our minds can debate the philosophical points around whether there is a purpose to life. It’s been my experience that there is an intuitive knowingness that there is a purpose. Many of my friends feel the same way. Yet I know, but there are many people who cynically believe you were born, you live your life, and you die..all as part of a cosmic Roulette wheel.

Notice I said,” spiritual purpose.” You might think there is a purpose to life but question, whether it’s a “spiritual purpose.” I don’t believe you can separate the two. Why? Briefly stated, it is my belief that our ultimate purpose is to express our unique creative abilities while in this life so that Spirit or God can experience life through us. It is also my belief that in expressing our talents, we grow and evolve in our consciousness and that the ultimate point of this evolution is a return to our awareness that we are one with God. We’ll discuss this in greater detail at another time.

So if you can buy for the moment that there is a spiritual purpose to your life, then Carolyn Myss in her book “Entering the Castle” offers us the following question for contemplation: “if you truly believe that this life has spiritual purpose and that you were born to find your purpose — then how can that belief not take charge of your entire life? Everything else in your life should become a servant or a means to finding and living that one truth.”

Those words really struck me. I have felt like much of my life has been a push-pull between simply navigating through this physical life on the one hand, and feeling the need to answer a spiritual calling on the other. That’s not to say that your spiritual calling must take you out of the physical world. Many spiritual paths call for us to be “in the world.” What I mean is that we can distract ourselves away from our spiritual paths by focusing solely on worldly needs and attempting to meet them. If we truly understand and feel that our life has a spiritual purpose…if we truly know it..then how can we ignore it? We must be answering the call, whatever that call is in our lives. Otherwise, it is simply an intellectual mind game we are playing with ourselves.

And, if we are each answering our call, then not only are we taking the next steps in our personal evolution but we are also contributing to the positive growth of the collective next steps of all humanity and the planet. How can we ignore the contribution that we are here to make?

So again….Is there a spiritual purpose to your life? Are you answering the call?



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