I mean, it makes sense if you think about it… if evolution is real… and I believe that it is… then why wouldn’t God be evolving?

Now let’s stop and check in… did you have a reaction to that question?  Did something inside you say that can’t quite be right?  If you read yesterday’s article, you might be thinking right about now, well “maybe the answer to the question is God evolving is–it depends”.  Hmmm?  Depends on how you define God?  Let’s think about that….

First off, if your worldview is one that includes what I called the old myth of God (that is of the old man in the sky that is external to us), then you might be thinking: “how can this all-powerful Creator God be evolving?  Would not this God be outside the physical realm of man and not be subject to the evolutionary forces we see at play?”  That sounds logical to me.

Secondly, if your worldview is one that says there is no God and everything is simply part of the physical universe subject to physical laws, then you might be thinking: “the question is meaningless, as there is no God to evolve”.  That sounds logical to me.

Thirdly, if your worldview is one that says there is a God but God is an infinite intelligence and energy that permeates everything such that everything is in God but God is greater than everything, then you might be thinking: “God or Spirit has infused everything with its energy and intelligence as well as created such forces as evolution.  Hence, Spirit is not evolving, but is experiencing the process of evolution through us.”  That sounds logical to me.

So then, is God evolving?  The answer seems to be yes and no.  Within an individual worldview, the God or non-God of that worldview is not evolving.  But if we step back and look at the worldviews of humanity, then we can see that our concept of God is evolving in our consciousness.

The mystic Ernest Holmes wrote “We can know no God external to that power of perception by which alone we are conscious of anything.  God must be interpreted to humanity through humanity’s own nature” as well as “God comes to us as we come to him/her.”  What he seems to be saying to me is that who or what God is to us depends upon our level of consciousness.  God shows up to us in exactly the same way that our own awareness defines how God should show up.  Holmes is not alone in this viewpoint.

Robert Wright, in his recent bestseller “The Evolution of God” agrees as he makes the following points:  God doesn’t evolve, we do.  Our perception of God changes as our cultural needs change.  That we experience continuous positive change in the quality of our lives over time, therefore life has a “direction”.  That “salvation” works to arrange the world so that its people find themselves and think of themselves more and more as interconnected, which is part of evolution’s direction.

Wright concludes  that the fact that there are religions and this evolutionary direction affirms the possibility of an actual divinity:  “If history naturally pushes people toward moral improvement, toward moral truth, and their God, as they conceive their God, grows accordingly, becoming morally richer, then maybe this growth is evidence of some higher purpose, and maybe – conceivably – the source of that purpose is worthy of the name divinity.”

So if we have come to a conclusion that perhaps it’s not God evolving, but rather our perception of God that is evolving then how does that come about?  Do we really have a worldview that colors our perception?  If so, then how did it come about?  How does it evolve?  Tomorrow we go deeper with those questions.



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