Almost every human being has held at one time or another two false beliefs about their life and their relationship with the rest of the universe which has held them back from living the highest possibilities for their existence. Most of us still except these untrue ideas most or all of the time.

Our human experience of consciousness is glorious and magnificent. It truly is a gift. We are blessed to have our personal experiences as we move through our time here on Earth. Yet, the manner in which we sense conscious awareness tends to create false impressions about who we really are. We sense our lives as if we are these little pockets of consciousness being carried around within the confines of a bodily membrane coexisting with our meat, bone and fluids. This set up leads us to the conclusion that we are these individuals existing with physical and mental borders around us. This overall sensory experience leads to our bogus beliefs.

False belief one: we are victims of the world “out there”.

If who I think I am is this person confined within this physical body, it’s easy for me to interpret the world as if I am some pinball being thumped around by the external circumstances of my life. This defeatist attitude relinquishes control of who and what I can be to all those outside factors that make up my seeming reality. I tell myself stories about my life which consist of these exterior factors. The parents and family to which I was born created boxes for my life. More limits were imposed by my socioeconomic status, my race, my religion, my country, my schooling, my career choices and so on. I may want to expand my experience of self to some greater dream, but how can I if I am controlled by external forces? It appears that all of these experiences have conspired to keep me from living totally the life of my dreams.

False belief two: we are separate and apart from everything else “out there”.

If who I think I am is this person “inside this body”, then everything else “out there” is “not me”. If everything else is “not me”, then I am left wondering what is my relationship with the rest of the world and everything in it? Is the world comprised of limited resources of which I am seeking to possess or control? Am I in competition with “others” for these scarce resources? Is this all some type of game of survival of the fittest? What should I do — ignore others or seek to manipulate or control them? After all, if you are “not me”, then am I justified in my actions toward you no matter how bad they might be? And, even if I feel some sense of a positive relationship with you and we get along –after all, you are part of my family or my group (be it we share a common heritage, country, religion, etc.) — there are still all those “other groups are there that are “not like us” of which we must be fearful.  Ultimately, experiencing you (and everyone) as separate from me has conspired to keep me from having the highest possible relationships in my life.

The truth: everything is connected, there is no “out there”.

In spite of what our every day conscious awareness says, neither the world of events and experiences nor all of the “other” humans are really and truly separate from us. Our consciousness does not reside simply within us, it is not a by-product of the evolution of our physical bodies and our brains.  Rather we reside inside a field of consciousness connecting everything of which our brains make use of.  The physical world is the manifestation of the original source of all that is.  That source, call it God or Spirit or whatever, has always existed and will always exist—and It created the manifest universe and imbedded within it Itself as Consciousness. Spirit created all of the “natural laws” that govern the workings of the universe (including the evolutionary process and the emergence of life) but allowed its creation to have the free will choice as to how it experienced itself and the world.  To this point in our evolutionary history, we have chosen to see it through eyes of separation leading to our competitiveness and our fight for “individual survival”.  However, we are now at a point in our evolution when it serves us to release these limited false beliefs and reclaim our birth right.  We were born of the Oneness and we are returning in our awareness to that Oneness.

What would happen if we let go of the false beliefs?

First, we would no longer be a victim to the events in the external world.  As it is in us and we are in it, it is all naturally “for us”.  We are not a “victim” of it but rather a “co-creator” with it. We have control of our life.  We are not bound by the experiences of our past.  We can chose the direction of our life and act to move in that direction.  The universe will go along with our intentions and will create the life of  our dreams.

Secondly, we would realize that we are connected to everything and every other person. Everything that we sense as “separate” is really a part of us and we are a part of it on some level.  Hence, it serves no purpose for us to compete or control or seek to manipulate or harm anyone or anything as we are only harming that source of which we are a part.  This realization frees us from fear of “the other” and moves us to be open to love and compassion for that “other part of us that appears to be out there”.  Our hearts open and expand to encompass more and more of the universe.

We begin to realize that all of the other parts of the universe that appeared to be separate are experiencing the same sense of separation and limitation that we previously felt.  We realize that they are making choices based on their current experience which opens our compassion and understanding towards them and allows us to forgive them for any harmful actions based on their false beliefs.  Love and compassion guides all of our actions with these other parts of the One.

When we let go of these false beliefs, we serve to co-create the highest possible world — one of peace, joy, harmony and love.

Isn’t it time to let go of our false beliefs?  What’s in your consciousness?

Mark Gilbert


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