Most people want to make the world a better place. I suspect that you do. Would it not be wonderful to live in a world where there is peace and prosperity for all… everyone has the opportunity to succeed… where everyone honors everyone else and their beliefs… a world that works for everyone?

So how do we get that world? As I know, you know, it begins with each and everyone of us. It begins with our own thoughts, our words, our deeds. It begins in our own consciousness as we shift how we look at the world. We let go of focusing our awareness on where the world is less than what we want turning from those conditions, and focusing on the positive. We give our mental energy to that which we desire to expand. As each and every one of us shifts our consciousness to the highest possibilities of what our lives, our country, and our planet can be, we grow the world in that direction.

So how do we get more people to shift their consciousness in that direction? So how do you multiply your consciousness? I recognize that question can be taken a couple ways.

Expand your Consciousness

On the one hand, you might see multiplying your consciousness as meaning expanding your consciousness to higher levels of awareness. How do you expand your consciousness? Of course, it begins with the intent to do so. But beyond that, it involves a regular spiritual practice being woven into your life. It means spending time each day, communing with the Divine, with God. It means expanding your awareness through this process of recognizing and sensing at the deepest level of your being that you are one with everyone and everything. As that awareness expands, your love expands outward from you in all directions encompassing all that is. With this love comes compassion and a desire to serve.

Expand your Service

It is in this concept of service that we see a path to the second way of multiplying your consciousness. We look out on life and recognize that the consciousness that is within us is also in every other person. We carry our sense of uniqueness and individuality that senses that the consciousness within us is “ours”. This same sense points at other people and sees their internal awareness as “theirs”. As we grow in our awareness of Oneness, we begin to hold an interesting dichotomy. We continue to recognize our individuality, yet also become aware that each and every personal consciousness is part of one Mind. Our personal consciousness was already “multiplied” all the time, we just didn’t know it.

This awareness coupled with a desire to serve frequently opens us to the questions of “how can I make a difference?” and “how can I grow the consciousness of the planet in a positive direction?” In other words, how can I from the level of my new awareness assist others in releasing thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve them or the world, to recognize our interconnectedness and to turn their focus to our highest possibilities?

Be the Change

We must always remember that we cannot “control” or “change” other people. The only person we have control over is ourselves. So in our call to service, we begin with ourselves and our own thinking and our own actions. We begin in our own “sphere of influence.” As we change ourselves we serve as a model for others. Our actions open others to creating their own change. In this way, we actually do in a certain sense “multiply consciousness”.

What I invite you to see is that how you show up in life creates this ripple effect in others. You actually do have the ability to multiply consciousness. You do it all the time, often without your awareness. The question now becomes “in what direction do you want it to grow?”

We are all change agents, whether we like it or not. We all have a responsibility for our collective growth, whether we consciously accept it or not. It’s time for all of us to become conscious change agents for a world that works for everyone.



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