Life changes.  Sometimes we design it, sometimes it appears to just happen.  Almost everybody has some area of their life where they are looking to make a change.  Where is it in your life?

Steps to Change

No matter what conscious change you are seeking to bring into your experience, the steps are always the same.  First you create the vision… you begin with the end in mind… the picture in detail the new reality you desire to manifest.  Secondly, you set the intention to manifest that vision… through affirmations, affirmative prayer, vision boards, and other similar work you visualize and feel the desired result as if it were already in your life…letting go of any attachment to how it’s going to come out… yet feeling a sense of gratitude for it already being there.  Third, you act… you move your feet… you take steps to position yourself to allow your vision come about… you grease the wheels of the universe, so speak.  Finally, you receive… you accept the manifestation of your desires.

These steps apply no matter what the change.  You can be seeking change in your personal life… losing weight, getting a new car or job, seeking a new relationship, growing a garden, writing a book, getting new carpet, etc.  Or, you can be working to change the world… furthering peace and nonviolence, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare or food or clean water, working to reverse global warming, etc.  All change moves from vision to intention to action to manifestation.

Recently, I have written about ways to gain clarity on vision in your personal life as well as to see yourself as a change agent (“We are All Change Agents, But What are We Changing Towards?“)   I also offered a compelling vision for our collective global future (“Can You Feel the Global Heart?“).  One of my intentions for this website is to frequently return to this global vision and ask us all to consider what it means for us and what steps you and I can take to move us towards it.  Today I want to look at a resource that will help us in taking action.


I really encourage everyone to read a copy of the new book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, entitled “Switch”.  Its subtitle is the title of today’s article.  The Heath’s have written a very practical book on how to implement change.  The advice they offer can be used for any change — large or small, personal or global.

Their guidance begins with aligning our rider (the rational mind) with our elephant (the emotional mind) so that both are on board with the change and are moving in the same direction.  Recently, I described how this alignment contains some metaphysical truths that are important to apply when we are setting our intentions (“The Umpteenth Secret of “The Secret”: Align your Rider and Your Elephant“).  After gaining this alignment of rider and elephant, the Heath’s point out that we need to “shape the path”, which means seek ways in the outer world to make it easier for the change to occur.

We might consider that their steps to “direct the rider” and “motivate the elephant” are the inner steps to change while efforts to “shape the path” are the outer steps.  Each of these steps is then subdivided into some specific suggestions designed to meet its needs.  For example, one tactic they outline to assist in directing our rider is to find the bright spots in areas that are working well and to re-create them in other areas (to see how this tactic relates to the law of attraction: article title).  Or, one tactic designed to motivate the elephant is to shrink the change — to take some large and seemingly overwhelming task in front of us and break it down into smaller and more manageable next steps.

I’m going to be referencing in upcoming articles tactics from “Switch” and how they can be used in moving us to positive global change.  For now, I simply encourage you to get ahold of a copy of the book and read it.  If that seems like too big a step, here is the link to the Heath’s website with some information you can read right now  and here is a link you can click to get a one-page summary of the book….  SwitchFramework

Does that motivate your elephant?

Change is happening in your life.  Design it for your highest good.  Use these tools to assist you in making the change.



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