My vision for a positive future is a world that works for everyone.  This means at a minimum that everyone has the opportunity to live their lives expressing their unique creative abilities, to have a basic standard of living, to live in freedom, and to have the chance to strive for personal success.  One should always have the opportunity to express life so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others to express their life.

Of course, this world is not our current world.  As we look out at the state of the planet in 2010 we see war, violence, hunger and starvation, humans in slavery, people lacking clean drinking water and sufficient food, populations without access to adequate education or healthcare, and a prevalent mindset that seeks competitive advantage at the expense of others.  The question then becomes: how do we move from our current conditions to our highest possibilities?

Three Simple Steps

Learn from the past — notice the conditions in life that are less than what we want.  Draw lessons from these conditions so that we can contrast them with what we do want.  Notice the positive conditions in life that are indicative of what we desire.  Build on those conditions.

Set the highest intention — the past allows us to create a vision for our highest future.  Create that vision in your consciousness and every day both affirm its truth for humanity and look for evidence of its manifestation.  Seek to meld this conscious vision with a high degree of positive emotion so that it excites you as you see this world arriving.

Expand your circle of care and concern — who you love and care about?  Contemplate that.  See that group growing and expanding.  Seek to love everyone.

Love Everyone?

I recognize that’s a loaded suggestion.  It’s easy to conjure up in our minds a list of people who have wronged us in the past or currently upset us in some way.  Many of us have had experience with people who in expressing their lives have inappropriately crossed boundaries and infringed on our lives or the lives of our loved ones.

We must seek to understand and forgive these people in our hearts.  This is not to condone their behavior.  This doesn’t mean seek them out and personally “forgive them”, although there can often be great healing in doing that.  Our forgiving others in our heart really is about us expanding our sense of love.  It’s not necessarily about the other person.

Anyone we have difficulty accepting in our hearts ultimately harms us more than it harms them.  If we can step back and see the other person as a spiritual being or a fellow human walking their path as best they can, then it opens us to this place of love.  There’s an old expression “there but for the grace of God, go I.”  One might consider that except for a soul choice made at the moment of birth, you could’ve been walking in their shoes throughout their life.  You might’ve had the same experiences, learned the same lessons, and made the same choices.  The limitations you judge in them could have been yours. Seeing how “you might have been them” opens you to releasing your judgment about them.

If we are truly going to bring about a world that works for everyone, then we must all work to grow our hearts and expand our love.  We must exercise our heart muscles just as we exercise our bodies.  There will be those people and groups to whom the expansion of our love to include them will be relatively easy.  So start there to gain an easy victory.  But don’t stop there.  Continue to grow and expand your circle of love to envelop even those you have difficulty accepting.  A better world awaits us all by moving to that space.  Don’t wait for others to do it first.  Be the change you want to see.

How can you love everybody?  What are your thoughts?

Mark Gilbert


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