Last time we looked at how our culture teaches us to chase after money.  The one with the most money wins.  Yet, I suggested that we change how we view money – from seeing it as this external something to more of the divine energetic flow.  I’m not naïve – I realize changing this perception is not easy, so much of our culture reinforces external wealth is an indicator of our personal value.

I ended last time by suggesting we look at the phrase “the love of money is the root of all evil”.  Again, as stated previously, this phrase implies that the more we have this “emotional desire” to accumulate this external thing “money”, then the more we are inclined “to do bad things”.  What I want to consider this time is – “what is love?”  and “what is evil”?

Just as our perception of money is misdirected outward, so is our view of love.  What, you say?  Isn’t love an emotion that we feel?  Isn’t the fact that it’s an emotion mean that it’s inside us?  Yes, the emotion or feeling is something we identify as being within us, but that which has the power to give rise to this emotion or feeling is all too frequently an object separate and apart from ourselves.

We look “out there” and attach our love to people, things and experiences.  Too often we place conditions on our experience of love.  I will love you if you act a certain way such as loving me in return or doing as I say.  I will love my dinner if it is food I like.  I will love my vacation if it goes as I intended.  Love is all too often something we give and withhold in an attempt to control life out there.

Yet just as money does not buy us happiness, neither is our love truly dependent upon external conditions.  Again, this is not what our culture teaches us normally – but we can choose to experience love separate and apart from what goes on in our lives.  You can choose to “be love” in all circumstances, no matter what those around you do or say.

Can you love your children even if they make life choices different from you?  Can you love your lover as you watch them leave your life?  Can you love your life even if events are not what you want?  The fact is, if you really love your children, your lover or anyone else – then you simply love them and want them to be happy totally independent of their actions.  And, if you love your life in spite of any negative conditions, you may come to notice those conditions disappearing.

So love is truly not dependent on stuff out there.  More so, love is more than simply the emotion or feeling that we experience and label as “love”.  Love is really an energetic force, just as money is.  Love is a flow that moves through our lives, just as money.  Love is a force that binds us and connects us to that which is beyond us.

The truth for me is this: although we think we are entities separate and apart from one another, we are really all part of a great and wonderful “oneness”.  Money is an energetic flow that moves the abundance of life through this oneness, connecting us.  Love is an inner force that redirects our attention off of ourselves and out there to that which appears to be “other” from us, and in the process connecting us.

As long as we believe that the experience of this flow is dependent on some “other” to which we have attached our attention, then we tend to stagnate the flow.  When we can delink our love as being dependent on this “other”, then we allow our love to flow freely.  When we simply “love”, then we move to a sweet space where we begin to experience the taste of “oneness”.  This undifferentiated sense of love breaks down our barrier of feeling separate and shifts us into a sense of connectedness.

This is why many mystics and philosophers have referred to love as an “evolutionary force”.  Our evolutionary path is a movement within our consciousness – from the lower levels within minerals, plants and lower animals to the place within humanity where we have self-awareness – we know that we know – to where we sense our place within the cosmos as conscious co-creators – to a return from where we originally began: knowing we are all one.  Love is that energetic force within us pushing us along to our remembrance.

This is why Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said that “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

So if money is an energetic flow of the abundance of life moving through us, and love is an energetic evolutionary force that is pulling us out of our sense of separation and back into our awareness of our unity, then what is “evil”?  As the Bible says – The love of money is the root of all evil.  If we link our experience of love to the accumulation of money, we are both limiting the power of love to bring us into the sense of connectedness with others and blocking its flow of abundance through the oneness of life.

Anytime we block the flow of money or limit the flow of love or do anything at all that harms some aspect of the One, then we are really hurting ourselves.  Evil is any harmful action based in a forgetting that we are all One.



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