And, not only is everything Spirit – but everything is there to support you and your life! The trouble is, it’s often hard to keep that fact in mind as you are moving through the material world.

The manifest world is so much in our face that it’s easy to believe that it’s all that’s real. Even though we are experiencing this world through our consciousness – something that is clearly not material – we can get so distracted or mesmerized by the world “out there” that we tend to forget that the physical world is only one part of reality. This “forgetting” leads us into the beliefs that the goal of life is to manipulate the material world – gaining possessions and power; that the causal power of life is outside of us; and, that when things don’t go as we desire – we tend to think that the world is against us. All of this thinking is simply wrong.

The modern-scientific viewpoint (which is what we primarily learned in school and is what is generally presented to us through our media) says that everything is physical matter. If that’s true, then isn’t success based on how well we are able to control this stuff? Hence, how could these beliefs be wrong? Again, it’s because we have forgotten that there is more to life. I’m not saying that physical life isn’t “real” in some sense – it’s just not your full story!

Lately I’ve been watching a video series put out by philosopher Ken Wilber about the early years of his life (here’s a link to information about it). In one segment, he acknowledges that one of his earliest epiphanies was the realization that “everything is spirit”. 20th century spiritual teacher and mystic Ernest Holmes came to the same conclusion in the creation of his philosophy the Science of Mind. Both share the realization (along with the esoteric teachings of all the major religions) that the physical world is real but only in a certain sense as its creation came from a spiritual realm. Much like the shadows on Plato’s cave, the physical world that hypnotizes us is projected from the spiritual world. Behind the scenes is a world of unity – spirit – that allows itself to be divided up into the appearance of separate things interacting among themselves — and it is this appearance of multiplicity and divisiveness that captivates us.

Holmes wrote: “Remember that Spirit exists, always, at the center of all form.  It is forever expressing in and as tangible form.  The forms of Its expression may come and go, but It is changeless and eternal.  We personally have form but we are still some part of Spirit.”

So what would it be like if we lived our lives acting from this truth? Stop and think about it for a moment – look around you and notice your environment – remind yourself that everything you are experiencing is spirit. The room you are in, your chair, your computer, your body, your thoughts – anything you can perceive that appears to be outside of you or inside of you. Look at everything and say to yourself “this is spirit, this is spirit, this is spirit“.

If all of this manifest stuff is simply a type of projection of spirit (some see the physical world as if it is representative of spirit having slowed down its vibration) and this includes everything that you consider is “you”, then you are connected to it all on some level. If that is the case, how could everything not be there for you and your highest expression?

Holmes adds: “Since Spirit is at the center of everything and in Its action as Law always responds to our thought, there is no limit to Its creativity for us except the limitations which we ourselves impose on our experience of It.”

So what would it look like if we lived our lives acting with the knowledge that not only everything we experience in the world is spirit, but that all of it is there to support us? Stop and think about it for a moment – look around you again and consider everything that you labeled as spirit previously is also there to assist you in some way. Everything in your life is a gift. If we’re not seeing it, it’s only because we ourselves are imposing limits in our experience of it.

Everything in your life is spirit – everything is connected to you – and all is there to support your spiritual growth and unfoldment. See it! Know it! Live from that truth!  Your experience of life will change for the better!

Mark Gilbert


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