Today I’m cleaning out the closets.

Yesterday I was rereading a book by Catherine Ponder, entitled “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”.  One of her “laws” related to creating a vacuum.  We’ve all heard the saying “nature abhors a vacuum.”  The point, of course, is that if you want to draw more of something in your life you have open space for it.  As long as we cling to old stuff we don’t have the space for new stuff.

A corollary to this law is that as long as we cling to old beliefs, we don’t have the space for new beliefs.

One of the truths of the universe that we often forget is that everything is a flow of energy.  Einstein’s famous equation, reminds us that energy and mass, that is “stuff”, are interchangeable.  Energy is continuously flowing into physical matter, and physical matter is continuously breaking down and returning to energy.  This is a natural process of life.  Whenever something blocks the flow, life becomes stagnant.

The mystic Ernest Holmes used to include in his affirmative prayers that our lives were filled with perfect assimilation and perfect elimination.  What he recognized was that part of our perfection was the need to assimilate that which flowed into us, and to eliminate that which we no longer needed.

Although we tend to identify with our bodies, we do intellectually understand that they are continuously being replaced.  The “me” that I tend to think I am, is simply a form that is in the state of continous change.  The body we have today is different from the one we had yesterday.  And, the body we have today is totally different from the one we had a year ago.  We breathe in, we breathe out.  We eat and drink, and we eliminate bodily waste.  Nutrients continuously replenish our physical form as it breaks down and returns to the environment.  Our bodies naturally know about creating a vacuum in order to remain physically prosperous.

Our intellectual thinking minds are another story altogether.  We convince ourselves that we need to cling to physical things which we no longer need.  Similarly, we cling to old beliefs, which no longer serve us.

We’ve all heard the Einstein quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  To create the new thinking to solve our problems, there is a requirement that we let of of old thinking.

So then the question before us is this… what is it we need to release in order to create a vacuum for prosperity to flow into our lives?

To answer that question, we need to be clear on what prosperity is.  The common thinking on prosperity, is that it is money, wealth and physical stuff.  Yes, these are aspects of prosperity and a natural part of our life.  Yet true prosperity comes from our consciousness.  When we are able to shift our thinking to recognize that our prosperity does not come from “out there”, but rather that prosperity is always available to us through this natural flow of energy or spirit, then we know we’re already prosperous.  When we know that, truly know that, then we will be prosperous and see it out pictured in our lives.

So again, what do we need to release?

Are there things in your life that you hold onto that you no longer need?  I know for me there are.  Today I get rid of those old suits that I haven’t worn in years, but held onto, thinking I would be that size again.  Maybe I will be that size in the future, but holding onto those suits and other physical things I do longer need is creating stagnation around me which may even contribute to my not losing that weight.  I need to open the physical flow.

Are their beliefs in your life that you hold onto that you no longer need?  I know for me there are.  Today I get rid of those old beliefs that have not served me in years, but I held onto out of habit and fear.  These old beliefs include thinking: I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, what will others think, and the like. I need to open the mental flow.

As I release the old suits, I create the space for new things to show up.  As I release the old beliefs, I create the space for new beliefs to move my life to its highest possibilities.

The highest possible future for the planet begins with each of us taking responsibility for shifting the energy in our lives in the direction of that future.  We begin in our personal sphere of influence and it cascades from there.

So what do you need to release?



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