There is an interesting thing that occurs once we come here to earth.  We want to be happy, but we tend to link our happiness to something outside us.  First it was trying to get our parents happiness, then it was our friends, then it was getting success or possessions….

So what are you chasing out there which you think is the source of your happiness?

Money?  Love?  Career success? Friends? Something else?

The fact is — happiness is an inside job.  It starts with a choice to be happy.  You can do that now without any of that outer stuff.

What are you waiting on?  Would you rather be happy now or happy later?  You can wait on that outside stuff to come along and give you a temporary sense of happiness, but then that happiness will fade and you will want something else.  Or, you can simply choose to find happiness in your life now.

What, you say?  What is there to be happy about?  If you look around, you will realize that there is much to be happy about…..even if it is simply the ability to a life that is within you giving you the ability to have thoughts and make a choice.

Choose happiness, start enjoying your life now.  You are truly blessed!



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