All of our lives are in motion. Some parts of our life seem more influx than others. In some cases, we can sense we are running away from some experience we don’t desire. In other cases, we feel drawn to a greater vision for our lives.

If we wish to move to higher levels of fulfillment in our life, we need to shift our energy. We need to let go of “running away from” that which we don’t want. We need to expand “running towards” that which we desire.

Okay, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference?  The difference relates to a basic principle of the “Law of attraction”. That which we focus our attention on, grows in our life. That which we resist, persist.  If we look at what we want to grow in our lives, we get more of it.  If we look at what we don’t want, we get more of it.

A couple of real-life examples may help here. We all know people who leave one failed relationship and then re-create it with another person. We all know individuals who have left one lousy job to go to another one. We all know people who have gone from one financial crisis right into another one. Why is this?

The reason is we are giving our attention and energy to that which we don’t desire – the condition which we are running away from. We believe we’re making a proactive change in our lives, but we’re looking at that which we don’t want and using it as a motivator for the change. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. If we wish to effectuate the change in our lives that we truly desire, then we need to keep our focus upon our highest possibility.

Recently I started exercising again.  I’ve stopped and started many times in my life.  Lately, I’ve been doing better in gaining consistency in working out each day.  One thing I’ve noticed that I’m doing differently relates to my focus – many times in the past my motivator was unwanted bodyweight.  As I kept seeing the weight, my motivation to continue exercising decreased.  Recently I’ve been focusing on my increased strength.  I’ve noticed that each day I can do more of a particular exercise then I could the day before.  Instead of running away from the fat, I’m running towards the muscle.

So stop and think about it for a moment – where in your life are you seeking positive change?

Are you unsatisfied with some aspect of your current relationship with your significant other?  If so, where is your focus?  Is it upon their personality characteristic or behavior that you “wish they would change”?  Or, are you noticing the characteristics that you do like and are feeling greater and greater appreciation for that aspect of their person?

Did you just come out of a relationship that was unsatisfying?  If so, what are you focusing upon as you consider dating again?  Is your energy directed at avoiding the characteristics that made the previous relationship bad?  Or, are you holding in your vision the positive characteristics that you desire in your new mate?

Are you experiencing some health or physical challenge?  If so, where is your focus?  Is it upon the body’s issue or limitation?  Or, is it upon those physical areas where you see improvement?

Are you unhappy in your current job?  If so, where are you directing the energy of your change?  Is it upon “running away from” the parts of your current job that you don’t like?  Or, is it upon “running towards” the aspect of the job that will feed your soul?

So which is it?  Are you running away from the parts of life that make you unhappy or are you running towards your dreams of the life divine?


Mark Gilbert


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