Which begs the question – what exactly is a “spiritual change agent”?

An “agent” is defined as “one that acts or has the power or authority to act”. “Change” is defined as “a transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another”. Hence, a “change agent” is seen as one who proactively acts towards our transformation from one condition to another.” We can see from this definition certain basic characteristics we know must be important in one serving as a change agent.

First they must be “future focused”. They have to recognize where we are now and what is the vision of where it would benefit us to be in the future. Hence, their eyes and attention must always be on the horizon of improving our conditions.

Second they must be” actively engaged”. To be focused on a positive future and to not take action is simply to be a dreamer. A change agent looks for ways for their personal actions to make a difference in creating that visualized future. A change agent has both a high degree of self motivation and a sense of personal responsibility.

Third they must be in some capacity a “leader”. Although some change can certainly be effectuated by one person, most change requires the assistance of others. To be a successful change agent, one must engage others by inspiring them with the vision of the possible future and motivating them to work towards it. Creating such “followers” is the essence of what it means to be a leader.

Finally, let’s consider the concept of being “spiritual”. Just as there are many definitions for the words change and agent (and above I cherry picked the ones I wanted to use), there are a host of ways to consider the word spiritual. But let me simply tell you what I mean by the word – to be spiritual, in my opinion, means to develop a personal experience with some transcendent nature beyond our individual lives. Simply stated, there is some power and presence which created all that is and it transcends our individual lives. Our efforts in moving towards having our own experience with this power and presence is what spirituality is truly about. No intermediary is needed between us and the divine. To be spiritual is to foster that relationship personally.

So then, what exactly is a “spiritual change agent”?

It is someone who is (1) has the power to act; (2) is focused upon the possibilities of a positive change for the future; (3) is actively engaged in creating that future; (4) leads others within their sphere of influence towards that change; and (5) fosters our relationship with that divine transcendent power and presence.

Stated another way – a spiritual change agent is a person who is aware of our relationship with the power and presence which created us – call it God or spirit or whatever – and recognizes that our earthly life experiences could be enhanced by both our collectively fostering a relationship with this power and our using that relationship to create a world that honors and respects the highest possibilities of life’s expression for everyone. This person uses this awareness to proactively act and lead others towards that highest possibility.

Finally, stated one more way, a spiritual change agent is one who holds the vision of a planet where all life is honored and valued in recognition of its divine source which created it and takes action within their circle of influence to move our collective consciousness towards everyone living from that vision. They see the gap between a world of love that works for everyone’s highest good and where we are right now and do everything in their power to close that gap.

So, how about it?  Are you a Spiritual Change Agent?

Mark Gilbert

NOTE: This article was extracted from the forthcoming book Becoming a Spiritual Change Agent which will be available summer 2014.


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