Recently we explored the topic of why there appears to be so much hatred by some humans towards other humans in the world…

We ended that exploration by posing the question “So how do we let go of our hate?”

I would like to offer today some brief and simple….but not necessarily easy…..steps to how we can release the hatred in the world:

  1. Recognize that it is not about the other person (or people) and their feelings, we cannot control them.  So begin by releasing any attachment to changing others.
  2. Recognize that no matter how loving and non-judgemental we may consider ourselves, we do play a role in the world’s display of hatred.  Take personal responsibility for examining your own life and your own action and set an intention to change anything that is perpetuating the hate in your heart.
  3. Examine your own feelings.  Take a day, a week or longer and simply note when you feel hate towards other humans.  If helpful, jot down some notes when the feelings come up.
  4. After this examination time, review your notes or personal recollections of when you felt hatred.  Was it directed at a certain individual?  A specific group of people?  Think on why you have such strong feelings for that person or group.  What beliefs about these others have led you to those feelings?
  5. Try to step aside from your feelings and experiences about these individuals or groups.  (NOTE: This isn’t about condoning any wrong or harmful actions nor not having appropriate boundaries in place that may be needed for self protection.)  Try to let go of your negative feelings for the moment and consider this question — what life experiences could they have had that would have led them to acting or believing as they do?  Can you imagine a life that might have led them to acting in the way that they have?  (Again, this is not to condone but to understand.)
  6. Let this potential understanding open your heart.  Imagine yourself forgiving this person or persons for any perceived wrongs.  You do not need to forgive them in person (although this is generally helpful if it can be done), this is not about the other person remember….it’s about you changing your thoughts.
  7. With this feeling of forgiveness in your heart, set the intention to change your feelings of hatred.
  8. When you feel hatred arise in the future for this person or persons, catch it as soon as possible. Forgive yourself for continuing to feel hate but reinforce your intention to release it. You may not realize your feelings came up again until much later…after all the heat of the moment is a tough time to be reflective and aware….but the more you notice your feelings, the more you can do this closer and closer to when they arise.  
  9. After you become aware of your feelings, release the hatred and change it to love and compassion.  That’s tough at the beginning, granted.  But try to shift your emotion to something a bit more positive.  Consider this “Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale” and look at the emotions that are closer to love than the hate you may be feeling.  For example, maybe you could replace your hatred towards this other person/persons with simply disappointment as an intermediary step?
  10. Practice, practice, practice.  The more you practice, the sooner you catch the hatred. The more you practice, the more you can experience compassion and love rather than hatred.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Again, this is not about the other person.  This is about changing your thoughts, your words, your deeds in the world.  If you can shift your expression in the world from one of hatred to one of love, then that change will impact the world in a positive way.  You will be a model, a teacher….touching lives and opening up others to shifting their own consciousness.

Ending hatred in the world is an inside job and it starts with you and I.

Mark Gilbert


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Photo credit: Susan Melkisethian via / CC BY-NC-ND