Recently I posed variations of this question on several social media sites – “if you could get the world’s attention for 30 minutes, what would be the points you would make up to three?” Think about it – what would you say?

A slightly different form of this question is one of many that are posed in my book Be Yourself Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment as part of one of numerous exercises designed to assist you in identifying your life purpose. I used my question on Twitter and other sites to see what kind of response I would get. I was in the midst of simplifying my manifesto down to three points which we discussed last time. I was thinking three points was about the maximum you can get across in 30 minutes.

So what kind of answers did I get? Here is a brief sampling:

Be kind. In the end, all we truly have are each other 

Point One) Peace is possible; Point Two) Poverty/Hunger can be eradicated; Point Three) Education Should be Free for All; With these three, behold a new world.

Love, Love, Love

No more wars over religion; let people live their life without comments; make the rich pay more in taxes, then maybe the poor can get the help they need.

Food shelter for all – God is all good, everywhere – Love each other

1) Love is greater than fear-if we stick to that we can overcome any perceived differences and work things out. 2). Your God and my God-same God-many roads. Respect the roads-all of them. 3). How much better the entire world could be if we stopped using food as a commodity and just made sure people had enough to eat and enough clean water to drink. And then we move to the sharing of other resources for the good of all people and not just the wealth of a few.

1. Allow ourselves the conscious desire to evolve as a species to the highest potential of our DNA. 2. Speaking the truth one to another enhances our evolutionary process. 3. We must prepare ourselves as a species for the cataclysmic events that are certain to come.

1. It’s o.k. to be you. 2. Forgive what you can; what you can’t, transcend. 3. Remembering who you really are can change the world.

Love your neighbor as yourself…see the God in you your neighbor; Remember it’s all choice…you said yes.

Love is the answer. Happiness is an inside job. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

1. Renewable energy is the future 2. Education as universal imperative 3. Love is the answer to every question!

1. There is a way to peaceful coexistence. 2. The science of emotions. 3. Radiate love healthily always.

Live in the moment; The simple things in life are free; Contentment is key to good health.

Do you notice any common themes?  Obviously there is a call for us to love one another more…..

What would you say if you had the world’s attention for 30 minutes?  

Mark Gilbert


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