For more than a week now, I have been thinking of writing an article here about UFOs. The intent of the article was going to be to encourage readers to have an open mind on the subject (if they didn’t already have one) and to encourage more reasonable and open research on the phenomenon. I really wanted to get back to writing articles that were not about Donald Trump.

But things changed. The world brought me additional information to think on. New connections were forged in my mind. So today we take another winding road that starts with UFOs but then looks at the “deep state” that has benefited from keeping them hidden and then into more recent “deep state” concerns around Washington DC “leaks” over the new President and his administration…..and then maybe back to UFOs again. Sounds like a Grateful Dead long, strange trip of some sort. Read on, but please remember that at heart I am truly an optimist…but one who likes to keep an open mind and explore ideas and possibilities outside the realm of my normal patterns.  I trust that you are too.


The essence of my original blog was going to make something like the following points:

~I have long been interested in the topic of UFOs ever since I was a child. I still hold on my shelf my 1966 original edition of Frank Edwards’ book Flying Saucers – Serious Business. Off and on I have kept up with the field of “ufology”….have been a dues paying member of MUFON for a number of years now.  This is a fascinating field and there is truly something going on there that we are ignoring.

~I think that it is a shame that our media and our scientific community has taken a stance that the topic is to be ridiculed at every opportunity.  Individuals interested in the study of the phenomenon are branded “believers” and “conspiracy theorists”. Most scientists who have an interest in the topic for research will quickly recognize that exploring that road will be career suicide.

~Many outspoken critics of the topic like to make entertaining but truly asinine statements.  Many say “if there are aliens here, why don’t they land on the White House lawn?” Of course, that projects our desire that they do so when their motives, if such aliens exist, may not include being open about being here.  When presented with evidence of a government cover up of crashed UFOs such as is alleged to have happened at Roswell, outspoken critics such as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson say “how can you believe that when the government cannot keep any secrets?” Entertaining, yes.  Logical and “scientific”, no, of course not.

~So are there aliens visiting us or are they representative of something else such as “mass hallucinations” or the expression of some hidden archetype within human consciousness?  How will we know unless we study the topic….and that won’t happen until the campaign to discredit the topic for serious study is let go of.

~A few years ago, I wrote a blog here encouraging sceptics to read Leslie Kean’s great book UFOs – Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record  with an open mind and then to see if that shifted their thinking at all.  Recently, I discovered that UFO filmmaker James Fox had created a film based on the book entitled I Know What I Saw.  It is a good visual representation of some of the facts from Kean’s book. I encourage you to view the film.  As of this writing, you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime, if you are a member. (That can change though.)

That was going to be essence of the original blog…fleshed out with a bit more of a story and descriptors….but hopefully you got the key concepts. But now I want to take this topic a bit further based on recent events……

The UFO Deep State?

First, I want to consider an aspect of UFOs that most likely would not have made my original blog….the part that gets critics yelling the loudest, “conspiracy theory!”  That is the alleged government cover up.

If you want to go deeper into understanding UFOs, some of the best books on the topic are the ones by historian Richard Dolan, especially his 2 released volumes of a planned trilogy entitled UFOs and the National Security State.  Here is a link to volume one “Chronology of a Cover Up” covering the years of 1941 – 1973.   Here’s a link to volume two “The Cover Up Exposed” covering the years 1973 – 1991. 

The books are compelling reading of the history of UFOs and their study, especially in the United States.  If nothing else, they will give you a good familiarity with the subject.  But beyond that the books tell a deeper story, painting a picture of how a shadow group within the United States government from within our intelligence agencies began a pattern of covering up UFOs, started the trend of ridicule of the subject, publicly discontinuing any study of the subject while continuing to monitor it privately….and moreover, began (with the help of certain corporations) to reverse engineer the technology found in recovered crash vehicles.  These books (and many other sources) claim that this deep state government have created such wondrous technology that has never been publicly shared. The technology is so advanced that when they test it, public sightings consider it “alien”. This secret group supposedly operates beyond our normal government and even transcends all governments. Even efforts by our Presidents to discover the truth are stymied.

Is this true?  Is there really a group that operates beyond our government with its roots within our intelligence agencies that keeps information on this topic from the public?  And, if so, why? Those who claim the validity of this conspiracy say that the answers lie in power and economics.  In other words, those who know the truth about the aliens and the available technology want to hold onto to it as part of their global power grab….and since they profit from their holdings in oil and other non-renewable sources…they certainly don’t want to admit that there are “free” energy resources available (as most of this technology uses sources beyond our current scientific understanding).

The bottom line is I don’t know. Although I am an optimist and don’t want to believe a lot of this, I do think that it is important to be aware of such claims and review other world events with an understanding that this “deep state” group may exist. To discount it without considering documented facts is a bit ignorant.


By now, everyone is aware that Wikileaks released last year a number of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee that exposed issues within the Democratic Party.  The leaked emails were reportedly stolen by a Russian group who gave them to Wikileaks.  This information (along with other things) from our intelligence community raise the spectre of Russian interference with our election last year.  That is truly disconcerting and should be investigated and Russia called out for such actions in some way.

When the emails were leaked, most attention was placed on the ones related to Hillary and the DNCs treatment of Bernie Sanders.  That (and other election related emails) were big news.  The media did not give much coverage to a series of John Podesta emails related to UFOs.  It was not surprising that he had an interest in the subject, after all he had written the foreword to Leslie Kean’s book I mentioned above.

However, in these UFO emails was a series of correspondence between Podesta and Tom DeLonge, former lead guitarist for the rock group Blink-182.  DeLonge was communicating with Podesta over the possibility of setting up a meeting with certain knowledgeable parties in the government over the topic of UFOs.  Certain officials had supposedly provided DeLonge confidential information that he was using as key elements of his recently released fictional book Sekret Machines Chasing Shadows.  Although the book is fiction, DeLonge indicates that the key elements are true.  What are some of those elements? Secret flying machines possibly reversed engineered from alien craft.  Some of the emails named some of the reported sources for this information.  That’s certainly interesting.

Washington Leaks

In recent days, Donald Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign after “losing the trust” of the President.  Flynn had had conversations with the Russian ambassador prior to the new administration taking office in which he discussed US sanctions against Russia.  Flynn later was less than truthful with Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of the conversation.  Although this all was known to Trump, when the whole issue was leaked to the press, the resulting backlash led to the resignation.

Where you sit politically is where you tend to come down on this scenario.  Some on the left call it treason by the President. Trump, on the other hand, attacks the “leakers”.

Now, as I have stated many times, I was not a Trump supporter and have a lot of concerns about many of the policies of the new President.  I also have concerns over the probable Russian hacking of our election.  I have concerns over Trump’s handling of this situation, his ignoring the issue of the actions of Flynn and their potential illegality and his deflecting blame back on the criminality of the leaks.  Coupled with all of this, I have concerns over Trump’s attacks on our press.

However, in spite of all that, I have to wonder if Trump has any valid point about the leaks? Are my concerns over his political statements and his handling the reins of government since taking office causing me to discount his statements out of hand erroneously? Much like the “boy who cried wolf”, am not no longer believing anything he says?  Possibly.

Now many point out that government leaks are a way of counterbalancing a President that may not be following completely the rule of law. Sometimes leaks are ultimately valid if they are for the greater good of the government and to “out” someone who is doing something wrong.  For an excellent overview on this power struggle between a new administration and the current government officials, I encourage you to read this New York Times article.  However, you will notice that it discusses the topic (with some concern) of the potential of a “deep state” government taking root.  There is a line sometimes crossed where patriotic leaking becomes inappropriate opposition to an effective government.

This New York Times piece is not the only one raising the potential red flag of a deep state government at work.  For another take on the topic, I suggest this article from The Atlantic.

And even more concerning is this….I encourage you to view this interview from this past week with former Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich.  I have long admired him of someone of high integrity who spoke the truth against the abuses of corporate power for years. Now he speaks out with a different warning about the leaks coming out of our intelligence committee and the intentions of this “deep state” group.

Is there a “deep state” group operating in the United States that is trying to undermine Trump for their own power and to encourage conflict with Russia?  I don’t know.  Just like I don’t know if there is a “deep state” group controlling information on UFOs and alien technology.  However, if such a group or groups exists, then it is obviously concerning no matter what your political leanings or your feelings about Trump.


So where does this leave us?  Obviously with a few interesting connections that we might not have seen previously….UFOs, shadow governments, Wikileaks, Blink-182, Sekret Machines, Russian election interference, deep state pushback on Trump and more…..

However, beyond all that, here are my thoughts on some possible take aways:

One, there are certainly actions that have come out about the Russians and their interference that we need to take action on as a country.

Secondly, if there were inappropriate actions by Trump or Flynn, they need to be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Third, we need to recognize that some leaks by the government may serve a useful role in the checks and balances of our system, just as a free and open press is important in that regard.

Fourth, each of us need to be aware of the possibility that there may be forces at work here which may be trying to operate outside the bounds of our elected government and, if so, they need to be exposed and reigned in.  We should not allow political beliefs or loyalties stop us from doing what is right.

Fifth, although we should not tolerate the Russian actions, we should seek to find ways to work together and to make the world more peaceful. More war and conflict is to be avoided.

Finally, if there really is truth “out there” about aliens visiting earth, it should be made available to all of us.  And if such contacts have brought about the discovery of technology that can enhance our life here on earth, it should be made available to everyone.

I invite us all to maintain open minds on topics we tend to avoid and to take action to ensure that any and all individuals who act unethically are held accountable.  We should all seek to create both a country and a world that is open, honest and fair and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

We may be living in a “post-truth” world but the truth is out there…….

Mark Gilbert


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