Editor’s Note: This article was first published in April 2013 but its relevance continues….

The news came in this afternoon that the Senate has killed a bill which would have created at least some reform on the sale and purchase of guns. Shouts of “shame on you” came down from the gallery. The President verbally blasted the Senate’s vote and accused them of “caving in” to the gun lobby.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy this past December, most Americans have been optimistic that finally our Congress would take some action to finally put tighter controls in place on the selling of guns. Prior efforts have always failed due to the powerful influence of National Rifle Association.

However, one by one proposals that were favored by the majority of Americans were “taken off the table”. These included placing limits on the that size of gun magazines and outlawing certain highly deadly weapons. The final bill included a provision that would require background checks on all gun sales, something favored by around 90% of Americans – yet even something with that much support couldn’t get by the gun manufacturer’s lobby.

Today’s action is very disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. I encourage you to contact your Congressman and let him know your feelings. Here’s a link on how to contact your representative.

And to be clear, as I recently wrote about, guns are really only a symptom of a greater problem. The real issue relates to how we are experiencing a sense of disconnectedness to one another. Recently I did a multi-part series on this real issue behind our violence problem here in America and some ideas on how we can move forward. Here are links to each part:

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I encourage you not to be silent on this issue. Contact your Congressman if you feel that is appropriate. But even more important is that we shift our consciousness out of fear and a sense of separation from one another and into a place of expanded care and concern for each other where we know we are all one. With such an awareness, we transcend the need for weapons to use against ourselves.

Mark Gilbert


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