It seems like this past week that a lot of complaints have come across social media sites I frequent about divisive comments made by certain individuals who for whatever reason hold a media platform.  Friends are sharing YouTube videos via Facebook, blogging and tweaking their disgust over the commentary of certain radio and TV personalities.

I’m not naming these people for two reasons.  One, my intent here is not to get into any political debate.  No matter what your political beliefs, you probably can find some media spokesperson, who in your opinion makes divisive comments.  Two, I don’t want to give these people any more attention or energy.  In my opinion, they’ve already gotten way too much.

Now I understand why these people are protesting.  I’ve written here many times about my concerns over any individual in the media, who uses their bully pulpit as a forum for dividing us.  However, a lot of these people are putting way too much energy into pushing back.  So here’s my advice for all of us to consider.

Strategy One: Notice, but Ignore

Here, I admit, you walk a fine line.  I do believe we have to be well informed as to what is going on in the world but we don’t need to immerse ourselves in negativity.  It’s one thing to be aware of the negative comments made by individuals in the media and quite another thing to get into a battle with them.  To be aware, allows us to know that this individual’s comments are not truly serving humanity, that they are less than what we desire.  To battle against them, continues to direct energy towards their negative message, serving to highlight it and perpetuate it.  As it’s often said, “what you resist, persists.”

I certainly understand the desire to inform your like-minded friends by passing on your tweets of disgust when he who shall not be named makes his crazy comments.  But I invite you to consider that when you forward that negative comment about the individual’s rantings, you continue to give energy to his message and grow it in our collective consciousness.

What should you do?  It’s okay to notice their negativity when it comes into your field of awareness.  It’s okay to disagree.  It’s okay to say to yourself, that his comments are not serving our positive growth, nor serving to bring us together.  Then, let it go.  Ignore he who shall not be named any further.  In the Harry Potter novels, most people were afraid to utter the name Lord Voldemort out of fear that using his name would bring the dark lord’s attention to them.  Here we avoid using the name, not out of fear, but out of conscious awareness.  We know that by ignoring him and his negative message, we reduce the conscious flow of energy to it, limiting its growth.  If enough of us turn away from media negativity, then the media will become less negative.

Strategy Two: Focus Your Attention on What You Want to Grow

After the media spokesperson has upset you, you now know what you don’t want.  Armed with that knowledge, consider what you do want.  Define it clearly in your mind.  Then, any anger that you had towards he who shall not be named, should be directed as positive energy in the direction of that you want to grow.

Turn away from that which does not serve us and towards that which does.  I know that this is “simple”, but not necessarily “easy”.  Notice that these two strategies are designed to change you, not the other person.  After all, the only person you have control over is yourself.

If you get successful at noticing then ignoring he who shall not be named, and then directing your energy towards what you want to grow in life, then you may want to move on to the following advanced strategy.  Kids, don’t try this at home.  This is only for those who have mastered the first two strategies!

Advanced Strategy: Separate the Person from their Actions

People who upset us are generally some of our best teachers.  Whether they know it or not, they are offering us an opportunity to grow.  When someone does something that challenges us, what we need to realize is that at the core of their being they are a spiritual person just as we are.  We don’t need to condone the other person’s behavior, but we do need to look beyond their behavior and see the truth of who they are.  Just like us, before birth they were pure spirit, eternal beings connected to everything and everyone.  Just like us, they were born on the planet and forgot who they really were.  They now have created, just as we have, a story about who they are and what they believe about life.  Their story, just like ours, is not really real… it is an illusion.  Our challenge is to see the person as they really are, to separate their truth from their story, their behavior, their illusion.  When we can do this, it brings forgiveness into our hearts, and puts us one further step on the path of our spiritual evolution.



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