My readers know that I am a progressive. In 2016 I supported Bernie Sanders. I stated so here on Conscious Bridge at that time. Although I don’t normally fund candidates, I did donate to Bernie. I went to the caucus and voted for him.

Why? After all, Hillary was the presumed candidate and wasn’t I wasting my time and money? No.

What I was supporting were the ideas that Bernie presented. No one else was speaking passionately about income inequality, universal health care, the control of our government by monied interests. What Bernie was talking about needed to get before the American public to be considered.

Fast forward to 2019 and the recent first round of Democratic debates. Bernie’s fringe messages of 2016 are now the mainstream of the Democratic party. Most all candidates were saying words like “health care is a right”….something I have written about many times. Most are coming down on corporate influence on our government, speaking out against the drug and health insurance companies and their profits over customer health emphasis. Medicare for all is being discussed, free or low cost college, addressing the human violations in our handling of immigrants.

It was refreshing to hear that the messages I was supporting through Bernie are now coming into the mainstream….which brings me to this year…..and I have been giving money to Marianne Williamson’s campaign. Why? For the same reason I supported Bernie in 2016….what she is saying needs to be heard.

The other night, Bill Maher did a bit about the 10 candidates that need to drop out now…..his thinking….which is what many media pundits think too….is that if you don’t have a chance of winning, why are you in this? Marianne was in Bill’s “time to drop out list”.

Maher is dead wrong….he is looking at it wrong….I was frankly disappointed that he didn’t see the bigger picture.

Will Marianne win? Odds are against her…..but then who thought Trump would win? Although I would like to see her in there….just like I wanted Bernie in 2016….what is more important is to push the needle of our conversation towards a positive future…to hold the vision of where we need to go as a country and a people and to lift our consciousness to considering that vision.

The other night, Marianne spoke about the fear that Trump stokes and that we need to evoke the sense of love from folks….people were easy to dismiss that statement…..but if they open themselves to it, they will see that she is right….we do need to reinvigorate our public discourse towards love and care for one another.

The other night, Marianne spoke about how we don’t have a health care system but rather a sick care system…..and we need to address the systemic issues that lead us to being so unhealthy in the first place….our public policies on drugs, food, chemicals, diet and so on are leading us to be unhealthy and although we should all have health care….again, it is a right….we should also look at the root causes as to why so many Americans are sick in the first place.

At other times, she has spoken out about our need for a Department of Peace, the essential need to address money in politics and income inequality….she raises viewpoints that transcend the limited ideas of the others, no matter how progressive they now are!

Marianne Williamson on the debate stage and on the campaign trail is a much needed voice to shift our consciousness.

Pundits and common people alike need to let go of what they think a political candidate looks like and be open to those with ideas that challenge them. It is in the new ideas and our consideration of them that we grow. So what if she is a spiritual advisor, self help author? Maybe that is what we need right now.

After the debate, since I am on her mailing list now, she send out a note saying ” From hundreds of sarcastic tweets so funny that even I couldn’t stop laughing, to lots of raised eyebrows at the amount of attention we garnered, no one can say that our campaign didn’t take a giant leap forward.”

Then she shared 3 positive stories from the “mainstream” media about the debate. Here they are for another perspective:

Rolling Stone

Vanity Fair

The Washington Post

Listen up! Time to consider Marianne’s message even if you don’t support her for President. It is time for us to evolve to a positive future and she is pointing us in the right direction.

Mark Gilbert