Editor’s Note:  This article was written in May 2010 right before Memorial Day  but its message continues to be relevant today and everyday…..

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  But what does that look like?

As we have stated here many times, whatever we focus our mental energy upon is what we tend to manifest.  Creation comes through the direction of our thoughts multiplied by the emotional intensity behind them.  No one can deny that acts of violence against a person or group generally lead to that person or group having strong emotional thoughts of retribution.  Unfortunately, violence often begets more violence.

In the words of mystic Ernest Holmes, “the more the world arms for war, the more certain it is that there will be war.”  Mother Teresa is often described as having said that she would not attend an “antiwar” rally, if you had a meeting “for peace” she would come.  The point here is that as long as humanity is focused on preparing for war or in fighting against war, we are directing our attention towards war and ensuring its continuity.

This upcoming weekend America celebrates Memorial Day.  What better way to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom than to assist the world in preparing for peace?  But again, what does that look like?  How can we multiply our thoughts for peace with the energy of a strong emotional intensity?  How can peace capture our imagination so deeply that we are inspired to devote ourselves to its creation?

Yes, we can point at the movement towards a Department of Peace, towards efforts to create peace gardens and similar symbolic gestures.  These are good… but do they inspire you?

Please think about this… I would love to hear what you think it would look like as the world prepares for peace.

Mark Gilbert


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