At long last, the election is here.  Most of us have become political junkies where we might not have been previously.  This election has become a form of entertainment, much like a strange reality show that mesmerizes us in spite of ourselves.  We have learned a lot and continue to contemplate the meaning of this election.

Although much has been and will continue to be offered about the political and cultural implications of this election, you may not have contemplated some of the spiritual and personal developmental lessons that this experience has offered us.  As a sort of “election wrap-up“,  I thought that I might share some.  This is by no means an exhaustive list….you may have developed your own spiritual or personal meaning from the past year or so.

However, here is a list of some quotes from my own website as well as from a few of my spiritual teacher friends.  I offer them to you simply for your own consideration and contemplation.  I have given you the links to the full articles in case you want to pursue any line of thought further:

“The question I would ask you to consider in regards to any of your political positions you believe the United States should take on any number of issues is this: Does such a position bring more love and kindness to the world or more fear and mistreatment of one another?” (“How Do You See Us Acting in the World? from Conscious Bridge)

“This is a time that is ripe for new ideas, new ways of being and doing, and new paradigms. Will we waste our energy complaining about the politicians or will we take our rightful place? Will we worry about the politicians getting it right, or will we make sure that we each get it right, that we don’t miss the opportunity to bring forth what is ours to bring forth?” (Gregory Toole from “The Deeper Call of the Election” on

“A perfect union allows for differences of opinions, in fact it encourages that diversity knowing that greater answers and greater possibilities are birthed from such variety.  No one person, party or position can have all of the highest and best ideas. Believing that you and your group knows what is best for all of us is the height of hubris.  We must honor our differences and allow for their expression in our political processes. Locking out any ideas or positions leads to a “less perfect union” or “no union at all”.” (“Which Candidate will Unite Us?” from Conscious Bridge)

“It’s easy to focus on the negativity of others and want to give it back to them.  Yet as Gandhi stated, “an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”  Someone needs to stop the cycle of fear and negativity in our political discourse.  Stop waiting for other person to break the cycle.  It’s time for you and I to love our enemies.  The world needs you and I to step it up now.” (“Trump or Clinton? Love Your Political Enemies” from Conscious Bridge)

“Not making a choice is still a choice. So why not make choices that result in unity, love, compassion, empathy, and kindness?” (Edward Viljoen from “Navigating the Election. No Choice is Still a Choice” on Edblog Word)

“Ultimately, when we each take action to heal our individual shadow, we heal our collective shadow.  As we do so, we shift our perspective on life to recognize that both ourselves and every person has value….is “sacred”.  And when we remember our truth, we cannot help but act to foster love, peace and equality on this planet.” (“America: Time to Heal Your Racial Shadow” from Conscious Bridge)

“Just like in our individual lives, we might sometimes need to experience our darkness or shadow to come more fully into the light, so this is also true in a macro sense with all of us together. This may not be the path we consciously choose, but this is the way it goes sometimes. Fortunately, it seems we are coming to a place where our evolution keeps us moving closer to the light, but we need not resist or fear those times where we brought to experience the shadow.” (Gregory Toole from “Staying Centered in an Election Year” on

“I do not hate the candidates who are not in congruence with me – what would be the value in that?  I do not hate the supporters of the candidates who are not in congruence with me – what would be the value in that? When I hate (or love irresponsibly – as in adoration) I am not coming from healthy aspects of myself – I am coming from Shadow – the elements of myself that I have repressed over my life because I came to believe that they were not likable or lovable. When I come from Shadow, I make bad decisions, I see things from fear and anxiety, I see things as black or white and lose sight of those innumerable shades of gray that make life so interesting and filled with possibility.” (Jim Lockard from “No, I Don’t Hate Donald Trump (or Hillary Either) on New Thought Evolutionary)

“This election experience … is calling us to let of our judgment and hatred of others.  It is calling us to let go of negative thoughts towards those who may not think like us and instead to see that we are more alike than we are different.” (“This Wild Election and Our Call to Unity” from Conscious Bridge)

“I have been thinking about that, and our election, and how half of our nation is going to be in pain and the other half in relief likely, whoever wins. I am imagining the bitter disappointment mixing with taunts of the fans of the winning candidate, and I am thinking of the prayer for the highest good for all concerned, and the prayer for safety for all our people.”  (Edward Viljoen from “Is it spiritually ethical to pray for your political candidate to win the election?” from Edblog Word)

“Now is the time to start shifting our thoughts and mental energy… matter who wins this election, we must come together as a people and a country and work together to create a world that works for all… exceptions.  Letting go of your fear and hatred and starting to see the good in both candidates….and everyone around you….is a critical first step on that journey.” (“Seeing the Good in Both Candidates” from Conscious Bridge)

May this election call us to greater levels our own personal growth and awareness.  May it bring more light into our lives, both individually and collectively.  May it expand our sense of care, concern and love for one another.

Mark Gilbert


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