Here are seven simple ways you can be the change you want to see in the world.  Seek to practice as many of these as you can each day.  You will be making a difference in your life and the planet.

1   Make Eye Contact

It’s so easy to get locked in our own internal world that we forget that we are walking among fellow spiritual beings.  Look up.  See the other person.  Look in their eyes.  Don’t get discouraged if they look away.  Keep looking, you will connect with many beautiful souls.  Affirm: today I look in the eyes of everyone I see.

2   Smile

Now that you’re looking at people, smile.  Think of all the expressions you’ve ever seen in other people’s faces.  What would you rather see?  Give the smile you want to receive.  Affirm: today, I smile at everyone.

3  Be Consciously Polite

Look for ways to display good manners.  Say please and thank you.  Hold doors.  Let people in to your lane on the highway.  Affirm: today, I am consciously polite in every possible situation.

4  Listen

There is no greater gift we can give to a person than to listen when they are speaking. When someone speaks to you, give them your undivided attention.  If you were doing something else, let go of it for a moment.  Focus on what they’re saying, not on what you were doing previously or what you’re going to say in response. Affirm: today, I listen deeply to every person who speaks to me.

5  Give Your Energy to Goodness

Recognize that whatever you give your attention and focus to grows in your life.  When those around you are being negative, be polite, but don’t buy in to their negativity.  Avoid rumors, talking about others negatively behind their back, and the like.  Turn off negative media.  On the other hand, consciously look for positive actions and positive statements out in the world and reinforce it.  When someone exhibits kindness or makes a positive comment, acknowledge it.  Seek out affirmative media.  Affirm: today, I see and give my energy to goodness in the world.

6  Take the Other’s Perspective

Let go of the need to be right and to change other people’s minds.  Hold healthy boundaries for yourself and your beliefs, but look for ways to understand how others think and why they think that way.  When someone states an opinion or exhibits a behavior with which you disagree, try to imagine how and why that could be their choice in that moment.  Briefly visualize how their life might have led them to having that worldview or opinion.  With that in mind, hold compassion for them.  You don’t have to agree with them, condone their behavior, or change their mind.  Affirm: today, I seek to understand those who believe differently.

7  Bring Acts of Love, and Kindness into the World

Consciously and deliberately look for ways to instigate loving mischief all around you.  Freely give compliments.  Pay for other people’s meals.  Notice ways others are being kind in the world and copy it.  Be the love you want to see in the world.  Set an intention every day to perform a certain number of kind acts each day and then keep increasing it.  Pass along positive e-mails such as this one.  Affirm: today, I bring acts of love and kindness everywhere I go.

What additional ways can you think of to bring love and kindness into the world?  Add your thoughts to this note and pass it on to your friends now.  Feel free to give me your ideas as well.




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