Here’s your assignment for today and everyday… no matter what life looks like “out there”, see the good in it… see the perfection that is playing out for yourself and the world.  I admit this is hard sometimes, especially when we immerse ourselves in the news of the day.

As I write this, the headline in the New York Times today is about suicide bombers who killed dozens of people in a Moscow subway.  The story is horrific.  Where is there any good in this?

My heart goes out to all the people who were impacted by this tragedy.  I’m sure yours does too.  Neither of us would ever choose for an event like this to occur.  It seems like so much of the news which makes it to our senses are events like these, global or local.

I want to stress that when we moved to see good everywhere we look, even in these tragic events, doesn’t mean that we would choose for these tragic events to occur.  What it means is that we can look at an event that is something we would never wish to occur, and we can look beyond it and focus our attention and energy on the potential good that is occurring beyond the horrible events.

When we use our thoughts, words, and deeds, we are directing our energy in a specific direction.  When bad news occurs and our hearts are open, we are at a choice point.  Yes, we feel sympathy and sadness, that’s normal.  What are we going to think, say and do next?

Choosing fear

On the one hand, we can see this news as reaffirming our fears that the world is going to hell.  It can feed a sense that everything is out of control… and who am I to change its direction?  I can feel a sense of powerlessness and despair over our future.  These emotions can lead me into talking and acting out of fear.  I begin telling everyone the world is a dangerous place, people are not to be trusted, we need to protect ourselves and folks like us… I began developing a bunker-like mentality where I attempt to close myself off from the world….fearing anyone who is different.  If this is how we react to negative news, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  We help to create the world we fear.

Choosing love

On the other hand, we can move beyond her sadness over the negative news and ask ourselves questions such as — what good can come from this?  Or, how can I choose the highest and most positive response in relation to these events?  Instead of fear, we respond with love.  Instead of shutting ourselves off from the world, we look for ways to connect us all.  We visualize the world would like to create, and we move our energy in that direction.  We help to create the world of our dreams.

Moving forward to love

So how can we respond to events such as the Moscow suicide bombers?  After feeling normal emotions such as anger, disappointment, and sympathy towards those lives touched by the event, how can we move forward?

Here are some suggestions, but don’t let my ideas limit you from seeing other good:

  • It used to be the tragedies around the world didn’t seem to impact us personally as much as they do now… could it be that such events that occur far away are expanding our circle of people for whom we have care and concern such that the world is shrinking in our minds?
  • Could it be that more and more people around the world are so touched by these tragedies that we are reaching a critical mass of people who say “no more” and move more towards nonviolence as a means of solving differences?
  • Could it be that this event opened my heart a little bit more?  Could it be that today in my interactions with everyone I’m going to act more from love?

What are you going to choose?



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