Republicans are trying to co-opt the term “socialists” as some kind of boogeyman term to strike fear in the hearts of Americans.

Don’t fall for it!

Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post recently wrote an article entitled “Trump is the True Socialist”. It’s a good read and I recommend you read it no matter what side of the political fence you place yourself.

What she points out is that even though the Republicans keep pointing at various Democratic Presidential candidates and screaming “socialist!”…..they silently sit back and allow Trump to institute policies that would otherwise be called “socialist”.

As she points out, “What remains interesting is how Republicans manage to reconcile their anti-socialist words with their Big Government actions.” Later, Rampell concludes, “So maybe the problem isn’t hypocrisy, exactly. It’s that the word “socialist,” to Republicans at least, has evolved to mean anything the other side is for. “

I made a similar point in my article from last year, “Should We Fear Socialism or Corporate Socialism?” One of the things we need to do is not let a word strike fear into us without stopping to consider just what exactly the word means.

Socialism! BOO!

One of the points that Rampell and I are making is that there are many policies that we agree with that someone else would label socialist.

Do you really get that?

Somewhere in you is a belief on the role of government that someone considers “socialist”.

So….are you a “socialist”?

At some point, on some issues, we are all socialists… matter what side of the aisle you are on.

Don’t believe it? Read Rampell’s article and mine.

Then stop being afraid of the word and call out the BS of others when they try to use it as a scary label.

Mark Gilbert