How can we move towards our highest vision for this world in which we live? This question becomes extremely critical if we feel that our personal mission and vision relates to creating this better world yet the task seems just too daunting.

Of course, the immediate answer is that it begins with each of us. It begins with our individual thoughts, words and deeds – that we began in our individual sphere of influence, with those things that we can control – and ensure that they are in alignment, moving us towards a better place.

Yet at some point along our personal development, we realize the value in working with others. Much has been written about the importance of a shared vision, mission and values and working in teams. These concepts are often employed in organizations and businesses. We recognize that in moving from the level of our individual lives to these “group lives”, we can accomplish so much more.

If this is true in the movement from the individual to the group, then perhaps we can do even greater things by bringing our groups together in partnerships.

Recently we explored how our evolutionary past has been served by navigating between a desire for individual autonomy or agency and a desire for collective communion. By maintaining our individual uniqueness as a whole while becoming a part of something greater is our evolutionary legacy. It’s also a critical characteristic in our moving forward in our evolution.

In my last article, I told the story of how I first learned the value of partnerships. This understanding continues to evolve. I recently wrote about my personal retreat and the re-crafting of my personal vision and my role in creating that vision. An interesting insight that came to me as a part of this process was how my vision (There is a shift in people’s awareness and actions that leads to the creation of a world that works for everyone.) can best be served by looking at my life and actions in three different ways. First is in my private life where I take care of myself and development skills. Second is in my public life through writings such as these. Third is in my partnership life where I seek others who have a common goal and I join with them in its creation.

I detail more of this on my Vision & Teachings page on the Conscious Bridge website. There I describe how I am in partnership with Centers for Spiritual Living. This is a different way of considering my employment by the organization. I don’t just “work” for them – I have a personal vision for the planet and my role towards manifesting that vision includes partnering with them. I am blessed to serve in partnership an organization with a common vision.

All too frequently we go to work for organizations where we feel that their vision and mission is not in alignment with our personal one. When this is the case, the job becomes drudgery. We don’t give that little extra out of our discretionary effort to the organization. We seek our pleasure and value in life outside the organization.

Yet if we can gain clarity regarding our personal vision and then either see how that fits with those larger groups with whom we may be in partnership (that is, employed) – or if necessary, seek employment elsewhere to find a better fit – then work no longer becomes “work”. Our actions there become critical in manifesting our vision.

This is what Khalil Gibran meant when he wrote, ” Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. ”

Your personal evolution – and the evolution of the planet and all humanity – is better served when you can see yourself as in partnership with your work. You may have to occasionally release some autonomy so as to serve a greater and higher good. That’s that delicate dance between agency and communion that’s part of our evolution!

I see my partnership activities as being ever evolving. On my vision page I reference my plans to partner with the United Nations in some capacity and to seek out and grow even more partnerships. The vision of creating a world that works for everyone is large! I need all the help I can get – and give.

Even in those groups with whom I enter into partnership – I must serve as a voice for even greater partnerships. For it is groups of humans joining with other groups of humans towards the common vision of a better world that is going to bring about the future positive evolutionary change to which we are being called.

So what is your vision for your life? How is that vision serving the greater vision? Where might you forge meaningful partnerships to manifest that vision? And how can the groups with whom you are partnering create even larger partnerships with others with common goals? These are important questions for all of us!

Final note – If you share the vision of creating a world that works for everyone, then contact me – I would love to partner and play with you in the creation of that world.


Mark Gilbert


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