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Yes, you are human.  You have bodily needs  and desires.  You are controlled in part by your physical evolutionary past.  There is a part of you that is animalistic.

But you are more than that and something within you knows that.  You have evolved to a point where you have self awareness.  You have a conscious nature–you “know that you know”.  You sense an inner world in addition to your outer one.  You know that you have choices in life.

You live in two worlds simultaneously.  On the one hand, you live in the physical world driven and motivated by material needs.  Hardwired desires compel you to act one way to simply meet those wants.  Yet on the other hand, you live in a non-physical world of conscious awareness.  Something within you motivates you beyond the physical desires.  You seek to experience life fully, to develop your talents and abilities, to become all you can possibly become, to serve others.

You are pushed and pulled in 2 directions simultaneously.  You want to fulfill your basic physical needs–food, water, security, sex, material success.  Yet, you also want to fulfill higher needs—love, community, have wonderful experiences, sense spiritual growth.

You and I and everyone we meet lives in these 2 worlds.  You and I and everyone we meet has this unique gift of being both a human and a spiritual being.  We have moved and evolved through the human experience so as to develop into the spiritual realm that is our truth.

By virtue of the fact that you and I and everyone we meet shares this unique circumstance, we are also gifted with human-spiritual rights and responsibilities.  You and I and everyone we meet have the same five privileges granted to us.  You and I and everyone we meet also have two basic responsibilities.   Simply stated, they are ” live life fully with love, assist others to do the same and do no harm.”  However, here they are more specifically….

By virtue of being infused with the spirit of life, all humans possess the following rights:

  • The primary right to express love and receive love fully.
  • The right to express their unique human gifts and talents fully.
  • The right to fully experience all aspects of what it is like to be human freely.
  • The right to fully believe whatever they wish to believe about life and its meaning.
  • The right to fully communicate with others what they believe about life.

By virtue of possessing and benefiting from these rights, all humans also possess the following responsibilities:

  • The responsibility to ensure that every other human may freely express their rights.
  • The responsibility to ensure that in the expression of my rights that I do no harm to any other human.

Do you agree with these?  Do you think the world would make a quantum leap in consciousness, in love, and in treating each other with dignity if we all lived by these values?

If so, please forward this note to others.

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Love to all.

Mark Gilbert


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