I screwed up the other day.  I misquoted my wife.  A word to the wise – men, if you ever do that, correct yourself ASAP.

In my last article (“Change Is a-Foot“) I indicated that my wife, Mary, who used to be a therapist, had told me that when you dream about water it represents change.  Mary gets Conscious Bridge in her e-mail like many of you and reads it after it’s been posted in the blogosphere.  Upon reading that article, she immediately advised me that she never told me that water represents change as dreaming of it generally relates to our emotions and spirituality.  I stand corrected.

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression – Mary didn’t make a big deal of this mistake nor express concerns about being misrepresented.  She was more concerned about my accuracy.  I share that concern.  I’ve seen way too many false statements issued in e-mails that get virally transmitted around the Internet that are assumed to be true by their recipients who forward the note on perpetuating the inaccuracy.  Reminds me of a comedian I heard the other day, he said, “it must be true, I read it on the Internet.”  A second word to the wise – before you forward on one of those chain e-mails you receive from friends, stop and check its accuracy first…www.snopes.com is a good resource.

Now even though water may represent emotions or things such as our intuition or subconscious (consider that things below water may be below our level of awareness), Mary assisted me in seeing that the point of my prior article was still valid.  I was attempting to show that I was getting clues that change was coming – especially as it relates to Conscious Bridge.  In my dream, there was concern that the room I was in was about to be flooded.  Flowing water such as a river does often point to change.  The submergence into water such as in our religious ceremony of baptism frequently represents a threshold of change.

Mary’s assistance in helping me to make my point got me to thinking – what if this was the norm in all of our affairs?

One of my all-time favorite books is Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.  One of those habits is “seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  In other words, from his analysis of the habits of successful people, Covey found that one trait they all shared was the desire to truly hear and understand those around them before ever trying to make their opinion heard.  I believe we all have an opportunity for growth in this area.

A few weeks ago, I was giving a talk at a spiritual center where one of my points was that our spiritual evolution would be served by our consciously seeking to take on the perspective of others.  The more we could understand where others were coming from, the more we would grow in our sense of care and concern for them.  The more we can care and love for others, the more we see we are all interrelated.  The more we sensed our interrelatedness, the more we evolved towards oneness.

In that talk I shared a personal frustration I had experienced in watching a television program whereby individuals were talking over one another in an attempt to have their voice and opinion heard.  It was as if they all realized that they had the limited time of the broadcast to sway us to their way of thinking on the issue.  I shared my fantasy that wouldn’t it be wonderful if the folks on these shows had as their goal to ensure that the other person’s position was made clearly?  In other words, I would make your point and you would make mine.  Although there was some laughter when I made the statement, I had several people tell me later that such a practice would really be great.

Although I frequently and proudly wear the badge of being a Pollyanna, I’m not expecting us to move towards everyone making everyone else’s points heard on a consistent basis.  But maybe, just maybe we could start with one day?  We could make it like the Sadie Hawkins Day is to dating.  One day a year we all practice Covey’s habit.  I call it National “Let Me Help You Make Your Point “Day.

What do you think?  Is that a good idea or what?

Mark Gilbert


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