Like so many, I have been saddened by the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. My heart goes out to everyone who has been impacted in some way directly by the tragedy. At some point, I know that we as a nation will move beyond the incidents there—but will we have learned anything? Will anything change for the better?

Yes, I hope that anyone who acted illegally–either in regards to the initial shooting as well as the subsequent violence–are held accountable for their actions. I hope that although true justice prevails, we don’t stay mired in blame…..rather, I hope that we move beyond that……I hold a greater vision for us as a people. I hold that out of the fire of the disturbing actions that have unfolded in Missouri, we as a nation rise like a phoenix…..and with that rising up, we find ways to get at the many root causes underlying the fear and hatred of one another.

Although I reserve the right to add to this list, here are some components of my dream for America post-Ferguson:

  • We recognize that the vast socioeconomic class divisiveness in our country is a cancer eating away at us and we act to close the income gap.
  • We recognize that all Americans no matter who they are, where they were born, what color they are or whatever, deserve the same opportunity to succeed and thrive in our great country.
  • To this end, we act to provide access to a high quality education for everyone and from such an education, an opportunity to make a fair living wage and a clean, safe place in which to live.
  • We recognize that we have made a mistake by “militarizing” in both equipment and mindset many of our local police forces and they need to be “demilitarized” and returned to their role to “serve and protect”….everyone, no exceptions.
  • We find ways to teach ourselves to respect and honor each other no matter what our differences are. We must celebrate differences, not fear them.
  • As a part of this, we must find a way to let go of our fears and end racism. We must let go of the need to arm ourselves with weapons out of such fear.
  • We let go of seeing life as about survival and “winning” over others. We each do our own part to be sensitive to the needs of others and support each other in living the best life possible.  We recognize and act from the knowledge that every life, every person is valuable and important.

Without resorting to fear, blame and negativity….what would you add to this list for what we learned as a nation from Ferguson?

What is your highest vision for the future of the United States?

I would love to hear your thoughts….use the comment area below to tell me.

Mark Gilbert


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