One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Ernest Holmes, so astutely stated, “the more the world arms for war, the more certain it is that there will be war.” Conversely, we could say, “the more the world prepares for peace, the more certain that there will be peace.” That which we focus upon is what we grow in our lives.

What is it we want to create?

What are we prepared to do for it?

The more the world prepares to create a planet where everyone has their basic needs met, the more certain those needs will be met.

The more the world prepares to create a planet where everyone can thrive, the more certain they will.

I am pleased to mention more resources around creating that world.

First, here is a link to the “We Campaign”—focused on moving us from me to we! Their current activity is the “11 days of global unity” project. Check it out and sign up!

Next, we are approaching the United Nations International Day of Peace with a number of activities devoted to focusing on peace! Here is the link for more info.

To view a video from “PeaceDayTV” about the day of peace and the United Nations Millenium Goals, Click here to view video

Where are you focusing your energy? War is not inevitable. Peace and love is.


Mark Gilbert


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