If you are someone who is interested in being a change agent for humanity’s highest potential good, here are some questions to ponder:

  • Do you have a personal mission and vision statement that guides your personal activities? 
  • Do you have an organizational mission and vision statement that guides your organizational activities? 
  • Do you hold a vision for the highest possible future of humanity?
  • As you look to your highest hopes and dreams for humanity, how are your personal or organizational vision statements meshing with that higher vision?

In other words, how is what you are doing each day in all aspects of your life contributing to our collective good?

These are the subjects of an article that I wrote that was recently published in the June 2010 Issue of the Integral Leadership Review.  Here is the link to the article which I hope you will check out:

June 2010 Integral Leadership Review Article

I hope you come back here and tell me your thoughts on it.  It is longer than most pieces here….so take some time to reflect on it….we’ll take a day or 2 off here to give you time to read it!

Mark Gilbert

ps. Take a look at the other articles there too.  It’s an interesting publication and I was pleased to have my article published there.


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