Ok, I admit it, I am a political progressive, especially on social issues. Most of my articles here on Conscious Bridge don’t state that point front and center, however I am sure the majority of my readers can tell what political positions are important to me.

Although I honor and respect the right for everyone to have their opinions and beliefs….and I truly know that our country is greater through the diversity of ideas that come forth and grow organically in the stew of American political discourse, in my heart of hearts, my positions tend to be progressive.

Why is that? It gets back to my vision for the world as stated on this page on Conscious Bridge —“Shifting our intentions and actions towards the creation of a world that works for all.

What is a world that “works for all”? From that same page:

“Simply stated, it is a world where every individual is valued. Each individual is ensured that their basic needs are met so that they are free to focus on their higher needs. In the terms of Maslow’s hierarchy, this means that each individual has their physical, safety and security, love and belongingness, and self esteem needs met so that as an individual they can explore their own self-actualization and self transcendence. Each of us plays a role in this process. Not only do we work to ensure that everyone, no exceptions, have access to their basic needs, we also work to encourage others to live their life purpose.”

From such a vision, there are obviously many goals and actions that are important to its fulfillment. On the website page, I list a number of these. Although many of these goals could be accomplished by “fiscally conservative” policies, the goals themselves at their core are obviously socially progressive.

In my humble opinion, the further evolution of our species is calling us to higher levels of care and concern for one another, to an expansion of the golden rule on Earth (“do onto others as you would have them do onto you”), to desiring everyone to have an equal chance to thrive.  Such a direction for humanity certainly points towards more socially progressive political positions.

I supported Bernie but have come out for Hillary as I wrote about previously. The campaign of Bernie Sanders certainly led to the adoption of a much more socially progressive agenda for the Democrats. I celebrate that shift.

Here is a link to the full platform, but I want to cite a few positions from the document that I believe are important to our creating a country that works for all Americans and takes us further towards creating a world that works for all:

  • Raising the minimum wage
  • National paid family and medical leave
  • Ending homelessness
  • Protecting Social Security
  • Creating jobs by repairing our infrastructure and growing the green economy
  • Protecting environment and taking action to solve climate change
  • Ensuring access to affordable high speed internet for all
  • Actions to reduce income inequality
  • Ending racism and closing racial income gap
  • Creating path for immigrants to become citizens
  • Guaranteeing equal rights for all (women, LGBT, disabled, race, etc)
  • Getting money out of politics (repealing Citizen’s United, etc.) so that it is “we the people” who control our direction
  • Providing debt free college
  • Reducing/eliminating the burden of excessive student loans
  • Securing universal health care for everyone

If we truly were to accomplish the ideas that are presented in this platform, we would go a long way towards my highest vision for our future.

It was good to hear Hillary Clinton speak so many of these progressive goals in her acceptance speech this past week. It was a stark contrast to the message of fear and doom presented by Trump.

Yet, the proof will be in the actions. There is obviously concern among many that these are simply words both in a document and a speech that will only serve to get Hillary elected, to “attract the Bernie supporters” and that they will never be acted upon. I understand that concern. We have experienced so much rhetoric in the past that was never realized. And, we see that some of the “one percenters” and corporations are playing a big role in the election of Hillary even though many of these progressive goals appear counter to their direct financial interest. Therefore, it raises questions of trust. I get it.  Are we progressives being used for political gain only to be ignored after election day as the financial power status quo continues as is?  I have to hope not.  I really have to.  But I think anyone who feels as I do, has to do more than hope…..

So what can we do?

First, we must continue to call out the Democratic ticket to verbally support these socially progressive goals. We must make sure they know that these goals are very important to us and will not be forgotten after election day.

Secondly, we must act to get Hillary elected by campaigning, voicing our support in the public marketplace of ideas and, of course, we must vote.

Finally, and assuming that Hillary prevails this election day, then each of us who see the positive evolution of our country related to such political goals should continue to raise our voices and take all action possible to ensure that our Congressmen and the new Administration “walk the talk”.  Our future depends upon this “political revolution” continuing no matter who is sitting in the White House.

The vision of this platform is compelling, but it is up to each of us who agrees with it to ensure that we push for its manifestation. I know I will.

Mark Gilbert


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