About a month ago I asked us to consider what lessons we might learn from the oil spill in the Gulf (link to article).  It’s disconcerting to all of us that the leak continues.  Today, I ask all of us to come together to use the power of our intentions as well as all appropriate actions to heal the oil spill and to bless this earth which allows us to call it home.

I recognize that many reading these words don’t believe in the power of our conscious intentions.  If that’s you, first let me thank you for continuing to read my articles and being open to the power of our conscious thoughts, and integral theme of the Conscious Bridge website.  But more importantly, I ask you to play along with my request (what could it hurt, eh?) —

This past Sunday, my message at our spiritual center related to blessing life and the importance of seeing good even in the midst of challenges.  We included moments towards attempting to see the good in the oil spill and in humanity’s conflicts around the world.  Peace was obviously on my mind this Memorial Day weekend as it was a topic on “the bridge” last week (link to The World Prepares for Peace).

Today the world just naturally brought me resources that continue this healing theme.  I picked up on the clue and I’m sharing them with you — along with a request. Please click on the link and watch the four-minute video included with this article.  Allow it to shift your focus to seeing the good on earth — all its abundance.  Then follow the link below to the Unity Wave website.  Consider joining their time next Saturday for a group intention setting session to heal the Gulf of Mexico.  If the time is not convenient, and take a moment on your own and bless our earth!

The Great Intention Gulf Video

Link to Unity Wave website

Thank you for your conscious intentions in this positive direction.  I would love to hear about any other positive resources or thoughts you might have on this topic.  Comments and emails are always warmly welcomed!

Mark Gilbert


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