Why is it important to me to continue to talk about how we can move to our highest future?   There are certainly a lot of other things I could be doing with my time.  And, what exactly do I mean by our “highest future” anyway?

Recently I was interviewed on a public radio station about this web site and the talks and classes I conduct around “positive evolution” and our “highest future” (a listing of my upcoming talks can be found on the “bridge” web site by clicking on “event schedule” on the top of any page).  In preparation for the interview, I stopped and reflected upon “just why exactly am I doing this, again?”.  What came out of that reflection was the following “manifesto”.  I share it with you so that you can reflect upon what you want for our future.

Conscious Bridge Manifesto

The purpose of the Conscious Bridge website as well as its related teachings (talks, classes, etc.) are to foster an awareness of the following:

  • Humanity is at a critical point in its history
  • There is a possibility for either a bleak or wonderful future.
  • Each person plays a role in the future we choose.
  • Where we focus our energy, our attention, our thoughts, our actions is how we choose.
  • Humanity’s challenges allow us to learn what we do not want as well as what we do want for our future–we can reframe the events towards the positive and where we want to go.
  • These lessons allow us to create a vision for humanity’s highest future.
  • Although there is no consensus on this highest future, there are useful first steps that can guide us.
  • Each of us must hold a vision for our highest future.
  • Each of us must keep our thoughts and actions focused on the highest future.
  • Each of us must treat others with dignity and respect, focusing on our similarities more than our differences.
  • Each of us must follow a plan for our personal development and evolution that develops our body, mind and spirit; works to heal our shadow; strengthens our relationships; and, develops our service to the world.
  • Each of us must become familiar with the issues facing the planet, pick one that calls to us, and move into action on it.
  • Each of us must work to develop partnerships and coalitions that move us in the direction of our highest future.


The term “Conscious Bridge” relates to the necessity of our becoming “conscious” of our role in guiding humanity to its highest future.  The word “Bridge” relates to moving us from the world we currently experience to the one of our dreams.  “Bridge” also references the importance of breaking down our sense of separation and division from one another, bridging our differences, and moving into a greater experience of unity.

Some current visions for our highest future that offer guidance:

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • United Nations Millennium Goals
  • Centers for Spiritual Living Global Heart Vision


Aspects of a vision for our highest future or “a world that works for everyone”:

  • We all have access to clean water, adequate food, and education.
  • We all have the right to life, liberty and security.
  • We live in peace.
  • We all have access to economic and social advancement.
  • We experience a melding of science and spirituality.
  • We have the freedom to individually express our unique creative abilities.
  • We live recognizing the interconnectedness of everything.
  • We act as good stewards of the Earth and its resources.
  • We purposefully use the power of our consciousness.
  • We meet our individual needs while meeting the needs of the greater whole.
  • We recognize we are evolving and consciously cooperate with the process.
  • We recognize we are on a spiritual path to be reunited with our source.


Bottom line

There are certainly some challenges we face based upon the direction that humanity is headed.  We can continue down this path of negativity where humanity harms itself with war, violence, unfair distribution of resources, one “winning” at the expense of others, and the general treatment of one another as if we are all not related somehow.  And, we can also continue down this path of destruction of the planet such that as it “rights itself” with mechanisms such as global warming, humanity ultimately suffers.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  We can change our direction.

I guess the bottom line for me is that I am ultimately optimistic about where humanity will eventually end up.  I am certain that our ultimate goal in our evolution in consciousness will be complete awareness of the unity and oneness of all life.  The question really is—we will wake up and take a more direct path in that evolutionary process or will we continue down the path of hardship before events get so harsh that we have no other course?

As a father and grandfather (my granddaughters Cayla and Amelie are pictured above), I care about the world my children and grandchildren are inheriting.  I truly want them to live in a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and peace is the norm.  I want them to live in a world where we care about the Earth and are good caretakers of our home.  I do not want them to come to me and ask “why didn’t you do something when you knew where we were headed?”  How can we “know” but not “act”?

Each of us knows the world that we want to pass along to our children’s children.  Each of us must step up and act on that knowledge now.

Mark Gilbert

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