All of us want to see humanity move to a positive future.  Each of us play a role in creating that future.  Today we break down that role into five steps.

Step One: Create a Vision of the Future

It sounds almost obvious, but in order to move to a positive future you’ve got to have an idea what that future looks like.  This is the reason that many of my articles are focused on what a positive future might look like.  I recognize that many of us don’t spend much time, if any, visualizing the world’s future.  When I listen to people, I especially tune in whenever I hear anything they say about where the world is going.  More often than not, such talk is more about expressing concern regarding a negative future towards which they fear we are headed.  Although it’s useful to know where you don’t want to go, if that’s all you focus on, then that’s where you’re headed.  Use your concern on a potential negative future to help you gain clarity on its opposite — that being a more positive outcome.  Meditate, vision, journal, talk with others and visualize as necessary to gain clarity on what our highest future can look like.  This is good to do for your personal life, your professional life and our collective global life.  What would you like to see your life and our life look like in five years?  10 years?  Write it down.  Play with it.  Refine it.  Continuously gain clarity on that vision.

Step Two: Turn Away from Anything Not in Alignment with That Vision

Once you have your vision, then you know the direction towards which you wish to head.  Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone around you and the world at large are going to be headed in that direction too.  You’re going to bump into plenty of evidence that says we’re not moving towards our highest possibilities.  You’re going to have people attempt to engage you in negative talk and negative action.  Don’t buy in to any external forces that seek to have you expend your energy in the opposite direction from your vision.  Stay informed on world events but don’t inundate yourself with negative news.  Seek to find the positive where you can.  Kindly remove yourself from conversations that are headed into negativity and complaining.  Turning away from the negativity tossed at us each day is such a challenge for so many people.  This is one reason that many of my articles are directed at reframing world events.

Step Three: Turn Towards the Vision

Begin to see that every thought, word and action you take is focusing energy out into the world in a particular direction.  Ensure that direction is towards your vision.  When you awake each day, spend a few moments “creating your day” in your mind.  As you visualize your day, see your actions working towards manifesting your vision and your personal life, professional life and our collective global life.  When you create your to-do list and plot actions on your calendar, ensure they include specific tasks directed toward your vision.  You are, of course, beginning to take action in that one area where you have control — yourself, your personal “sphere of influence”.

Step Four: Align Your Life Passion and Purpose with the Vision

Each person on the planet has a special unique talent is being called to express through them.  When we can align our thoughts and actions with our purpose, then we ignite something special within us.  Expressing our life passion is one of the reasons that we are here on earth.  It’s in the living fully of our purpose that work no longer becomes “work”, where we experience a divine flow where we transcend time, where life appears to line up for us and provide us what we need just when we need it with effortless ease.  It is in this space where we accomplish so much.  By finding where your life purpose aligns with your highest vision for all aspects of life, you surely become an evolutionary change agent moving us collectively towards our greatest potential.

Step Five: Expand Your Sphere of Influence — Develop Your Network

Finally, as you find yourself living your passion and moving in the direction of your dreams within your own life, you can’t help but attract others into your sphere of influence.  The spirit that is ignited within you is like a flame that attracts others naturally.  Allow your flame to burn brightly, allow yourself to show others what the life possible looks like.  You’re a teacher, you’re a model, you’re an example for everyone.  As you find others seeking you out, cultivate it.  Expand your friends.  Expand your network.  Expand your sphere of influence.  Allow your positive energy to cascade out around you and in encompass those near you.  Claim your greatness.


What would it look like if everyone followed these five steps?  Yes, there might be some variance from person to person regarding our vision for the greatest possible future, but I truly believe we would find that there is more on which we are in agreement than not.  And, with everyone turning their attention and energy in that direction and igniting their personal passion in the manifestation of such a future, not only would all of our individual lives be a pure joy to live, we would solve humanity’s challenges and create a legacy for our children and our children’s children to come such that there would truly be heaven on earth.



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