My Fellow Americans,

The voters have spoken and the results are in.  Many of you are jubilant that your candidate, Donald Trump, has won.  Many of you are dismayed and concerned over that outcome.  Those feelings in this moment are normal.

Yet, this letter is a call to all of you, no matter who you supported for President, to make one of our highest priorities to support any and all actions necessary to heal our divisiveness as Americans.

I get it that such a healing may seem impossible given the state of our political climate. We are coming off of one of the longest and most bitter fought elections in our recent history. Most Americans are tired of the campaign. But more importantly, many Americans feel excluded from our governmental process. Many of you will feel that you were heard finally by Trump’s election. However, elated you may feel over this outcome, please remember that a similar number of your fellow Americans are feeling the opposite.

The closeness of this election only underscores how divided we truly are.

The truth is most Americans, no matter who they supported this election, truly have more in common with one another than they have that is different. Please keep that fact in mind no matter how you are feeling about the results!

Everyone, red or blue or any political color, wants to have access to a decent standard of living, meaningful work, a good education for themselves and their families, a safe environment in which to live, the opportunity to better their lives. In short, we all want to be able to meet our basic human needs and have the opportunity to truly thrive.

Our major difference relates to our beliefs as to how to accomplish those goals. Such beliefs have led us into sorting ourselves into different groups where we surround ourselves with friends and media and messages that reinforce our deeply held outlook on life. This sorting process has led to a sense of America being divided. Yet somewhere in our hearts and minds we know that “a house divided” is sure to fall. The vast major of us, no matter what our political beliefs may be, do not want to see America falter as it moves toward its future.

We all want to see a strong America that works for everyone.

How can we heal our polarization and bring us together? I know that the challenge seems daunting. However, I know that we Americans are up to the task. Yes, let’s value our diversity of opinions and beliefs because such diversity strengthens us as a people and a country.  However, i also call you to embrace our healing and unity as our highest priority, even above any partisan political positions, if possible.

I know that this challenge is really an opportunity. It is an opportunity for all of us to step into the role of true leader and demand that our political  representatives serve everyone.  It is an opportunity for all of us to do whatever it takes to bring everyone, no matter how they have sorted themselves politically, into the process so that their voices may be heard and their needs considered. It is an opportunity for all of us to work to bring together the best and the brightest from all political persuasions together to focus on creative solutions to best meet everyone’s needs. It is an opportunity for all of us to lead and support a truly transpartisan action plan to effectuate positive change for all Americans. Your voice is important in calling others to this task!

This is truly an “all hands on deck” for America. Our future depends upon it.

And in this moment, may we all know the best for the future of America.

Mark Gilbert


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