Note: The following article was originally written at the beginning of 2014 but the affirmations are good to use no matter what time of year!

This year, beginning this day and continuing for every day hereafter, I know the following is true for this planet:

Each day the consciousness of the planet expands its awareness of its interconnectedness and oneness.

Love, peace and mutual interdependence expand among all life on earth.

Each person expands their care and concern for more and more people each day.

Every day more and more individuals have their basic needs of food, water, shelter and security met.

Every day more and more individuals have the freedom and opportunity to live the life of their dreams.

More and more of the fear that is held in the hearts and minds of any individuals that separates us is released and replaced by the love that unites us.

Each day, every person experiences more love and joy in their lives.

Please join me in knowing this truth.


Mark Gilbert


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