Can you imagine that? Does this truly represent the highest vision for humanity? Recently, we highlighted the Global Heart Vision of the United Centers for Spiritual Living which stated in part “we see a world in which borders are irrelevant.” What exactly does that mean? How you feel about it?

The other night my wife and I were discussing the purpose and effectiveness of the United Nations. It’s been my experience that most Americans consider the United Nations either ineffective or a threat to American sovereignty. I’ve run across a number of people who were truly fearful that we were headed down a path towards one world government.

In our discussion, my wife and I disagreed as to the degree to which the United Nations or any central governing body should make decisions for the entire planet. She expressed legitimate concerns regarding decisions for all of us being determined by a relatively small handful of people. Although I understand her concerns, I do see some areas of human activities, where we currently could benefit from global coordination. However, we both agreed that the vast majority of governance should occur at the local level.

My wife made one comment about the United Nations that opened my eyes to a higher possibility… she wondered what it would be like if every representative at the UN represented “the heart of their nation.” By that she meant that they came to share their love for humanity through their discussions and decisions. Can you imagine what a world would be like (or the UN for that matter) if every representative came forth with an intention to bring their country’s love to the rest of the planet? Wow!

If every country wanted the best for every other country, then the need for any world governance would shrink to the level of almost nonexistence. If every country was concerned about the safety and security, the standard of living, and the full expression of creativity for all humans everywhere, then borders would truly become irrelevant.

Yet, let’s make a distinction between “borders” and “boundaries”… in my mind “borders” implies “walls or barriers” between us, something that divides us and keeps us apart… “boundaries” implies something more fluid where we can see one person or country ends and another begins, a distinction that we know serves us while we still recognize and acknowledge the interconnectedness… with that distinction in mind, we can see that boundaries might still serve a purpose… they might define the geographical area in which local governance could occur. And, boundaries based on our historical and cultural differences would allow us to call attention to our individual uniqueness. A world where we do not express such cultural uniqueness would be a very boring world indeed.

So yes, let’s celebrate and maintain our uniqueness and distinctiveness based on our cultural differences. And yes, let’s keep our governance local as much as possible so that our individual voices may still be heard. And yes, let’s send forth our love and care and concern for everyone on the planet, perhaps through our representatives to organizations such as the United Nations, but definitely through each of our hearts. Can you imagine now, a world in which borders are irrelevant?



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