Here is something to ponder…. “It’s only normal to be abnormal….if you were completely normal, you would be abnormal.”  You can quote me on that.

If there is one thing that most of us learned as kids, it’s to try to fit in as much as possible.  We want to be liked.  We want others to view us positively.  So we learned it was to our benefit try not to stand out too much.  The odder we were, the more likely we were to be a social outcast.  No one wanted that.

Yet there were those free spirits who moved to the beat of a different drummer.  They did what they wanted and seemed to hold little concern that they did not “fit in”.  Sometimes secretly I believe they were concerned, but secretly I envied their seeming lack of concern.  I certainly wanted to go through life not worrying about the opinions of others.  But like most people, I did worry.

Most of us took this learning from our childhood straight into adulthood.  As we make decisions for our lives… what career path to follow… who we married… how many kids we had… where we lived… what clothes we wore… what hobbies we pursued… and on and on… so many of us weighed what we thought “others would think” as we made our decision.  There was this imaginary standard of “normalcy” that we applied in our decision-making.

The irony, of course, is that frequently there is no standard of normalcy nor anyone caring what we choose.  Generally, it’s all in our head.  The other irony is that there is a push coming from within to be our own unique self.  Our greatest growth comes from listening to that inner desire and acting upon it.  Hence, we are all abnormal in our own way.  It’s only normal for us to pursue our inner calling and our own sense of abnormality.  Failure to listen to our inner drive out of fear of what others would think, forcing ourselves to some imaginary sense of normalcy, would be abnormal as far as our soul is concerned.

Where is your inner calling?  What is your special gift waiting to be given to the world?  Let go of any fears of judgment that you would be abnormal.  Give your gifts to the world, no matter how abnormal they appear… it’s only normal.



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