Editor’s Note: This article was written in February 2010 but its message continues to be relevant today…..

This question was at the heart of a Japanese film that I watched today called “After Life.”  The premise of the movie was that after you died you went to this way station for a week where counselors helped you select your favorite moment from throughout your life.  After you made your selection, they re-created the moment ushering you on into eternity forever living that experience.  As I reflected upon what my choice might be, I thought it would be extremely difficult to choose just one outstanding memory.  My life is then filled with so many glorious experiences, choosing only one would be almost an impossible task.

I didn’t plan to watch this movie today.  In fact, the past two days have been filled with a lot of good moments.  I’ve been attending the first combined annual business conference for the United Centers for Spiritual Living and the International Centers for Spiritual Living as the two organizations that teach the Science of Mind are reuniting after a more than 50 year split.  It’s been a truly historic occasion filled with many deeply moving moments.  I was looking forward to being at the sessions today but skipped them after coming down with chills and fever last night.  Instead, today was a day for chicken noodle soup and laying in front of the TV.  I was not quite sure why I chose a Japanese movie with subtitles as a means of recuperation.

Perhaps, the movie chose me.  Could it be that as I lay there, wishing I felt better, wishing I was at the conference, wishing that my current experience was a different experience was maybe the best moment to reflect upon the best moment of my life?

Now, if you ask me what the best moment in my life has been, you’d probably hear me talk about moments such as when Mary and I got married in Hawaii a few years ago, or the births of my children and grandchildren, or oh so many wonderful moments as my children grew up, or the night that my dog Harmony came into my life, or great moments in my long government career or ones on the path into the ministry… they are plenty more special moments in my memory where these came from.  I suspect most of us have a very similar list.

Interestingly, the people in the film, frequently chose very common moments… but always moments filled with meaningful emotion for them.  It was a beautiful reminder that every moment and any moment can be a special moment.  From weddings and births and other joy filled thresholds we cross in life… to historic conferences… to the experience of beautiful sunrises and sunsets… to those moments we feel so deeply bonded with others… to, yes, even those moments when were laying on the sofa with a fever… every moment has the potential to be the best moment of your life.  The choice is up to us.



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