This past week, I have been in several conversations with friends where the topic has turned to the “state of the world” and how our mainstream media tends to paint things as deteriorating drastically.  The feeling is that they want to feed us a bunch of “breaking news” with fear and violence and destruction, that somehow they want to to be afraid and feel like we are living in a world that is “going to hell in a handbasket”. Cynics say that the media is driven only by money and fear draws eyeballs to their message leading to higher profits for the company.  Others have told me of their concerns that the media wants us to be afraid so that we will continue to voluntarily give away our rights and freedoms.  What do you think?

But in all of my conversations, there was always a sense that this “world in state of disaster” is not really the truth.  There is plenty of good news out there….in fact, there is more good news than there is bad news….it’s just that we aren’t normally given the good stuff…..after all, news is not “news” if it is the ordinary occurrence. It’s the fear and negativity that is really “outside the norm” so as to become “news”.  If only we could remember that fact.

Yes, there are challenges in the world. Yes, we need to stand up to oppression and harmful actors in the world. However, don’t ever feel like all the negativity is the whole story.

I thought I might take a moment and share with you some good news that you might have missed.

First, one of my friends shared this “Optimist” video for viewing prior to a discussion.  A couple of caveats, it was originally posted 2 years ago and is about a half hour long.  However, its message is vital and current.  It uses logic and data to show that in spite of some of our challenges, that the world is a better place place than we think.  It points out such things as the world is more peaceful than ever, overpopulation is a myth, that we can grow enough food, that there is enough fresh water, that we are living longer, more people are living in democracies than ever, that we have more free time, natural resources are plentiful and so on.  If you need to hear an upbeat message on our future, this is a good resource.

There are only a couple of magazines that I subscribe to.  One of them is Yes! Magazine.  It is published by a non-profit organization and its goal is to show powerful ideas and practical actions where people are making the world a better place.  Their latest issue came the other day and it is full of life affirming stories of people all around the United States who are working at the community level to improve their life conditions in some way.  Collectively, these seemingly “small actions” add up to a tide of positive change in our country that is hard to ignore.  Here is a link to the online content from this issue.

Need more ongoing “good news” stories?  Consider bookmarking the Good News Network website. It offers uplifting quotes, good news from our history and daily updates of stories of good news.  For example, did you know that singer Dolly Parton recently offered financial support to people effected by the Tennessee wildfires?  Now you do.

Need even more?  Here are some sites worth checking out:

Huffington Post Good News

Sunny Skyz

Good News Shared

The truth is the world really is a good place.  If we see the good, it will find us and expand in our lives…

Mark Gilbert


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