So how are things going in your life?  And by that, I mean all areas of your life… your physical health, relationships, job and career, expressing your talent, finances, spiritual growth… yet beyond your personal life, I also mean your community and global life… when you look around “out there” beyond your own day-to-day life to those areas that seem to be beyond your control… the community you live in, your government, companies and corporations, the entire planet… how does it look like things are going “out there”?

Two events occurred yesterday which brought this question to mind.  First, at the spiritual center where I work, we had a meeting yesterday afternoon where for a brief period we discussed our neighborhood and the changes we perceived “out there” and their potential impact on our center.  Then last night, my wife and I attended a student event at the middle school where she teaches.  Afterwards on the way home, we talked about how recently the climate both in the school and “out there” in the neighborhood surrounding the school appeared to be headed in a less than desirable direction.

Coincidentally, both conversations followed the same path.  In neither case did we fall into the trap of spiraling down into negativity complaining about how “bad things were”.  Instead there was simply an acknowledgment of what was less than desired.  And then with that contrast outlined, in both conversations we moved into the vision of where we saw life headed… we focused our attention both on our positive vision for the future and how the conditions “out there” gave us an opportunity to move towards that vision.

I have written many times about how our thoughts, words and actions have energy and that where we focus that energy determines what we are going to grow in our lives.  Life “out there” continuously calls out for our attention.  A lot of what we see is not what we want.  All of us can benefit from continuous reminders not to be spending our mental energy in the direction we don’t really want to go.  As people begin to see the truth in how “thoughts are things”, they often limit the power of their thoughts to only the relatively small area of their individual life.  It’s generally easier to see how my thoughts and deeds can impact the tiny bubble of life around me than it is see how they can make a difference in the gigantic world “out there”.  But they do.

In both conversations yesterday, if we had spent our energy complaining about changes “out there” that were less than what we desired, then we would have contributed to growing more of that undesirable state of affairs.  I know that in both cases life is moving in a positive direction.  More good is being expressed in life.

As more of us individually turn away from feeding the negative and growing the positive “out there”, then the more we will all see positive results.  Each of us has a responsibility not only for the direction of our individual life but also for the direction of the planet.  So how are things going in your life?  Where ever you see less than what you want… both in your personal life and in the “larger life out there”…, acknowledge the condition, visualize the positive on the other side of the current condition and focus yourself — your thoughts, words and actions — in the positive direction you know is possible.  So are things getting worse or are things getting better?  Ultimately, you make the call…



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