Editor’s Note: This article originally was published in August 2013.

What kind of world do you want to live in?  One filled with fear and anger or one filled with love?  One where everyone has their basic needs met so that they can focus on becoming all they can be or one where they live in survival mode?  One where all of us have the opportunity to experience the abundance of living on earth or one where only a few have the resources to fully enjoy life?

Around 3 months ago, I wrote here about the “World We Want” project.  Here’s the link to the prior article. That article details my interest in our focusing upon the highest vision for the planet as well as my inclusion of the United Nation’s Millenium Development Goals in my book Be Yourself.  I saw those goals as a great step forward in our focusing our attention, energy and intentions on a world that works for everyone.  Of course, the time frame for those goals is fast upon us so the UN is looking forward to the future beyond 2015….and that’s where the World We Want project comes in….a place for all of us to voice our vision for the positive future we all desire.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the program’s website, view the data to data and provide your voice. Register for their website and check out how you can be an influencer. Recent efforts have included work to include the voices and needs of the disabled.

We all share this world and we all need to partner with one another to create the future we desire. What could be more important?

Mark Gilbert

Don’t forget to pass the word about this to your friends! Let’s all focus on our highest future for this wonderful planet we get to live on!!


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