Today we go on Mr. Toad’s wild ride… from shadow governments and conspiracy theorists to the Wizard of Oz and the meaning of life.  Hang on to your seats!

I was a big X-Files fan.  I loved their wild investigations into the paranormal… I think they struck a chord in many of us who believe that for all the value of science, it has gaps where it offers no explanations for certain human experiences.  But woven throughout the run of the series was a story line, whereby Mulder and Scully increasingly became aware of a secret government that pulled strings behind the scenes… a group of people who controlled the world, all governments, and the flow of information to the people.  It was great entertainment and some dark food for thought.  But for many people this storyline was not entertainment and the show’s writers drew from these peoples beliefs for their plots.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist per se, but I will admit that I find a lot of it interesting and that is probably why a lot of these odd theories seem to find their way to me.  Just to give you a flavor, here’s a quick list of a few things that some people truly believe… there is a tight knit group of rich families, who through their wealth and power control the world… they control the governments, religions and the media… they seek to keep us entertained, drugged, and “asleep”… they use subliminal advertising to control us… they’re keeping the truth about aliens and UFOs from us… they’ genetically modifying our food as a means of control… they are using drugs in our food supply… they caused 9/11 so that we would willingly agree to hand over our freedoms to the government for a sense of security… and much more.  These powerbrokers are called by many names such as… the families, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission and “the powers that be”.

I have no intent here of trying convince you of  the reality of any of this.  I’m not even sure what I believe about much of  this stuff.  If you have any interest in it, then you can pursue it on your own and make up your own mind.  Google can take you down some strange rabbit holes.  I’m just pointing out that these ideas are “out there”  (in more ways than one).

Recently I had this weird idea that this whole shadow government concept was sort of like the Wizard of Oz.  If you can buy the conspiracy theorists ideas, then, like Dorothy, we have been dropped into this world where it appears that everyone lives their lives distracted and entertained… a nice lollipop world designed to keep us mollified… where we are happy being controlled by the wizard, totally unaware that the wizard is not what he appears to be.  Dorothy, like us, questions the given reality.  Yet the forces of the wizard through the efforts of the wicked witch seek to control Dorothy and put her asleep like everyone else… even advising her to “surrender”.  Surrender in this case means to give up her freedom to those in control.  Yet Dorothy doesn’t surrender, and ultimately “outs” the wizard showing that his powerful external face is simply a façade that covers internal doubts.  Therefore, if we can remain vigilant and aware, we can “out” the powers that be and show that the truth behind their control comes from their own fears and insecurities.

But wait a minute… I thought the Wizard of Oz is supposed to be a metaphysical story that gave us guidance on the meaning of life?  Many have interpreted it in various ways from a spiritual viewpoint….what would it tell us if we went back and looked at the story again with a different lens on?  Although you might have your spiritual interpretation of this story, here’s my brief take on it….  We are like Dorothy who begins her journey at home… Kansas is that eternal place from which we came before birth, where we sense our interconnectedness to everyone and feel the richness of love… the realm of pure spirit.  Through a whirlwind experience, we are birthed into new land, where there is a sense of separation, a distinction between goodness and evil and the power of choice.  This land contains many people who are distracted by its riches and seem to be motivated totally by physical pleasure.  Dorothy feels motivated to return home (that is, back to spirit).  Along the way she meets others who feel a sense of inner lack and are questioning life… sensing that they are missing heart, courage and intelligence.  They continue their journey seeking to fill their needs from external sources.  They fight the duality of good and evil.  Ultimately, Dorothy is advised to “surrender”.  Surrender in this case means surrendering her attachment to seeking the truth outside herself, surrendering her attachment to control.  Once she does, she discovers that all along she contained within herself the key to returning home.  That is, she didn’t need to look outside herself for the truth of her being, it was inside her all along.  Once she surrenders attachment to the external world and turns within, she returns home to Spirit.

So what insights do we gain from running these two interpretations?  Does this really move us forward somehow on our spiritual path?  Does this offer us food for thought on our evolutionary path?  Let’s see.

Now, I don’t know for sure if any of this shadow government “powers that be” stuff really exists in the physical world.  However, I do believe that there are many people who have become so separated in their minds from the truth of who they really are that out of their fears and doubts and sense of separation from everyone else, they seek to control others.  I see these “wizards” in the world in people who have reached positions of power in the government, military, corporations, religions and media and who use their positions to foster divisiveness and fear.  They want us to believe that it’s people like us against people like them….  Right versus left… Republicans versus Democrats… believers versus nonbelievers… pro-lifers versus pro-choicers… true Americans versus the world… you are either for us or against us and you better pick a side.  It appears that many people are asleep and buy into their message.  For those of us who are awake and see what’s going on, it’s easy for us to grow in anger and hatred towards these people and to fight their negativity with more negativity.

But that is not the answer to “outing these wizards”.  That which we resist, persists.  The more we push against these wizards of negativity, the more energy we give them.  Let’s take a cue from the writing in the sky… “surrender Dorothy”.  In this case, surrender does not mean to give up or to give control to those who seek to control us.  Surrendering doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have healthy boundaries.  Surrendering doesn’t mean we don’t stay aware what’s going on around us.  Surrendering doesn’t mean go to sleep.

Surrender in this case means surrendering into that sense within us that knows that all of life and everything in it is connected.  It means that we realize at the core of our soul, that we were born of spirit, that we all came from the same source, that all of our lives are a part of the One Life and that it eternally provides for us.  It means that we release our fears and our doubts and our sense of separation from one another. It means that we release our hatred and anger towards others who act and believe differently from us, as we realize that their actions and beliefs naturally grew out of their lives which taught them they are separate from others.  It means that we recognize the gift they give us, by their holding up a path of separation and allowing us to learn that is not our true path.  It means that we can love them even if we don’t agree with them, because we know the truth of their being.  It means that we release seeking explanations “out there” for life and how it works.  We embrace the fact that the Truth is not “out there” but inside us.  Within us there is a power that calls all of us simply to “be”.

Surrender Dorothy to the power to be.



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