Editor’s Note: This article was written in July 2010 but its message continues to be relevant today…..

Recently, EnlightenNext Magazine ran a contest seeking input on four questions posed by Deepak Chopra.  The winner received free enrollment in a class called “The Evolutionary’s Guide to Changing the World”.  Although I didn’t have time to submit my thoughts for the contest, I held onto the questions to ponder.

Here are the questions:

1. What kind of world do you want to live in and what kind of world do you want your children and grandchildren to live in?

2. What is your role in bringing this about?

3. Regarding the organizations that you’re part of, what kind of team do you want to have and what kind of relationship do you want to have with this team?

4. What do you see as the primary need in our current cultural moment?

They received over 100 responses — here’s the link to read them if you’re interested:   Deepak’s four questions

Here’s the link to the response that won:   The winner is…

I love these questions — they get at the same issue that I was raising in my recent article in Integral Leadership Review (link to article).  In fact, the underlying purpose of “the Bridge” is to consider the future we wish to see for ourselves and all of humanity and then to take personal responsibility for our role in moving towards that future.

So how would you answer these questions?  — send me a note or post a reply answering any or all of them — I’ll be posting my thoughts in the next few days.

Mark Gilbert


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