What good news are you bringing to your life and to the world in 2012?  Have you set your vision for the upcoming year?  Are you going to live your life purpose more fully and with passion as we move into this final year of the Mayan calendar?

The world really is full of good news if you set your intentions on seeing it—-here are some life affirming stories that came into my awareness recently:

This first one is from one of my favorite publications, the Christian Science Monitor—one of the best news weekly publications on the market—their December 26, 2011 issue contained a cover story on “The (surprisingly upbeat) state of the world “.  Click the link to read the online version, a reassuring take on the state of the planet….that in spite of the negative news we get each day, we are making great strides in reducing poverty, bringing equality of opportunities to the sexes, experiencing a boom in democratic governance around the world, and–believe it or not—seeing reductions in war and violence.  It is worth a read.

Here’s another cool story from a recent USA Today that I liked: “Man finds $10K cash at Las Vegas airport, returns it to owner”. I am not related to Mitch Gilbert, by the way, but he sounds like someone I would like.

Or how about this one from the Wall Street Journal—“Violence Vanquished” Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker gives his evidence for how the world is becoming less violent.

Or how about a constant source of good news:

Good News Network or Happy News

So what good news are you going to create in your life in 2012?

I don’t stress resolution setting as a January 1 only kind of thing……I think we can and are called to set intentions every day of our life.  Yet, I do find the time of closing out one year and moving into another one is a good time to stop and reflect and consider if our life is headed in the right direction.  I wrote about this last year with an article entitled “Questions to Jump Start the New Year””> .  Click the link to read….the questions are still valid as we move into 2012….

And a quick word on that Mayan calendar thing—who knows why their calendar ends this year….it certainly is not an end of times thing….if anything we can use this hype (which I suspect is going to ramp up later this year) as an opportunity to make a break through in our human consciousness to take ourselves to even higher levels of living our full potential.

2012 is going to be a great year!  You and I are going to make some good news……let’s get it started!

Happy new year!



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