Our thoughts and prayers go out this day to all those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I also want to say thanks to  everyone who has contacted us to inquire about the safety of Mary’s relatives. Mary and I had dinner last night with her mother who has been in contact with their relatives and luckily all are well.

A year ago I wrote about how the earthquake in Haiti served to open our hearts and bring us closer together as humans. As much as tragedies such as this one in Japan, Haiti, New Orleans and Katrina, last month in New Zealand and others sadden us, we can also take heart in how humanity reaches out and senses its connection to its brethren around the planet in their  moment of need.

As much as the world seems to focus on its differences and works to foster its continued divisiveness,  tragedies buck this trend and move us closer together. Our differences become less important. Our similarities become foremost in our minds. Our hearts open to others who are suffering needlessly. We are pained by their pain.

So on this day, let us in our minds eye reach out and send love to those in Japan and all around the earth who are suffering. May we know that the devastation in Japan is repaired swiftly and their lives are brought back to peace and prosperity quickly. May we sense this day our interconnectedness to everyone on the planet. May we move  a little closer to living continuously in the state of knowing that we are all one.

May we live this day and every day immersed in the energetic field of love.

Mark Gilbert


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