As I write these words, the rich and beautiful are gathering in Hollywood to celebrate themselves and their work this past year through the Academy Awards. Millions of us will gather around our TVs and root for our favorite films and stars and immerse ourselves in the world of our wonderful entertainment system.  Millions of dollars have been spent in making most of these films. Millions of dollars have been spent by us to view them.  Their makers are hoping that tonight’s “longest commercial for the film industry” will encourage us to spend millions more to see those films that we may not yet have seen.  History says they will be successful.

Where we spend our money is one way of directing where we spend our energy and our attention.  We know that where we direct our attention is what we grow in our lives. As you consider directing your energy and funds towards these films, I ask you to consider if that film represents the world you wish to live in.  Does it reflect your values?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love movies!  I have seen some of the nominees….but not all.  There are some very positive and uplifting films among the ones being considered for an Oscar.  And yes, I sometimes go for simple escapist entertainment.  For example, I generally always go to any James Bond or Spider-Man movie.  I enjoy them. We all have certain types of entertainment we simply like.  And we should enjoy them!

Yet more and more, I find myself being more conscious of where I focus the energy of my funds and my time and attention in my entertainment choices.  So, I encourage you to support those films that bring you enjoyment….but also consider consciously supporting those that move us towards a world that works for all of us.

It is in that light that I am asking you to support one specific film which is not yet finished—-Gandhi’s Gift.

This low budget feature is a work of love for my good friends, documentary filmmakers Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas.  Previously they brought us the movies Rumi Returning and Globalized Soul.  Both are wonderful films that I highly recommend!

For the past couple of years they have been working towards a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi.  I highlighted their work on this film in my profile of Arun Gandhi published in 2012 in Science of Mind magazine.  Here is a link to that article.

Recently, Kearns and Lukas made available an extended clip from the film where we get to hear what it was like to grow up in Gandhi’s ashram.  Check it out.  If you like what you see…..and you want to direct your energy towards completing the movie, then here is a link to their website where you can make a contribution…no contribution is too large or too small!

What better way to honor Gandhi during the midst of this year’s Season for Nonviolence which is dedicated in part to his work.  This is one way that you can “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Love and blessings,

Mark Gilbert


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