Geez….it’s been over a month since I posted a blog here. So, in the midst of this pandemic, am I turning into some kind of slacker? I hope not.

In my defense, I have been posting some videos on my YouTube channel. In fact, the last 5 of them have been related to the Coronavirus in some way.

For weeks now I have been talking about my realization (is it my hope?) that some “new normal” is being birthed through this time of social distancing. In fact, many recognize that this term “social distancing” is morphing into a reality that it means “physical distancing” as socially we are really coming together in new and unique ways!

But what is this “new normal”? My latest videos have said the following: we recognize some newness is being called forth; our consciousness/thoughts are creative; intuitively we feel that we play a role in the creation of that “new normal”; this time of isolation can be a time for reflection and creation of our intentions for that new normal.

There you go, a short summary of probably 40 minutes or so of video content. You’re welcome.

However, today several things crossed my virtual in box and the results of some online searches that carried the same but expanded message. All are worth a read or viewing. Here I share them with you.

First, this blog from David Karchere of the Emissaries of Light (suggest signing up for his inspired emails) where he talks about “the Role of Consciousness in Creating a New World“. He discusses something that I have written about frequently, our evolutionary creative urge to express ourselves and use our creative ability to share our gifts and talents and to create the best and highest world. Worth a read, but here is a pertinent quote to give you a flavor of the article:

“We are finding ourselves thinking together anew, becoming aware of something together anew. Something is being born among us that is not based on the past but born out of the substance that the past has brought to this day. We are feeling that urge of love to live, to become and to create, present in consciousness, shared by us and by people all over the world. This birth in consciousness gives birth to culture, and then renewed human culture re-creates the world.”

Don’t you feel it? I know I do….that is why my videos have focused on this topic recently…..

Next up, David Korten, an author of many books on my shelves such as Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth and The Great Turning. In this article for Yes! Magazine entitled “From Emergency to Emergence” he expands beyond our spiritual urge to re-create the world and discusses specifics as to what is possibly emerging. Again, a topic I touched upon in my videos. A brief quote:

“The COVID-19 crisis has imposed immense hardship on billions of people. But that hardship is dwarfed by what lies ahead if we continue on our current path. Now we must step up to prevent the collapse of the regenerative systems by which Earth creates and maintains the conditions we need to exist….This current emergency provides the possibility for a new emergence—the birthing of a truly civil civilization dedicated to the well-being of all people and the living Earth. “

Korten offers specific issues on which we are feeling called to address….many I touch on here at Conscious Bridge and on YouTube…..job security, income inequality, health care security, climate change and more…

Finally, I was drawn to view a recent video by Abraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks channeling Abraham). The video is a bit long but is a good overview of what many of us are feeling right now. If you don’t feel like you have an hour to devote to the video….at least give it 20 minutes and see if it resonates.

The one key take-away of this video (of really many good points) that I want to point out is (1) many worldly events can have have a lot of “momentum” to them and make it hard not to look at them; (2) it ‘s ok that we look at these world events with great momentum (even thought we know that consciously giving them energy tends to keep creating them via the law of attraction); yet (3) we should also recognize that we have an inner being who has a different perspective on these events and is always focused upon where we really want to be.

So, bringing all of these sources (and my own work) together we can consider the following:

  • Worldly events are mesmerizing and can certainly capture our attention.
  • Worldly events that are less than what we desire in life offer us the contrast between the world we are currently experiencing and the higher world that we know is possible.
  • This contrast offers us a road map to the change we know that humanity is calling forth.
  • Our inner self, our higher self, our intuition, our true self calls us to what we really want to create.
  • We know both logically and intuitively that this is the time for the emergence of life’s greatest expression.

The question then becomes…..what are we going to do with that knowledge?

Mark Gilbert