I love hanging out on the edge near the borders of our knowledge….out in the fringe areas where you encounter people who tend to consider the wildest things.  This is the juicy place of psi research, consciousness studies, UFOs and paranormal phenomenon.  It’s in these “growing edges” where we make our most exciting discoveries.

Today we embark on a three-part journey around these fringes of science and reason… Along the way we will be considering open minds, skepticism, our need for seeing patterns, personal evolution, UFOs and the like.  The truth is out there, but only if we are open to receiving it.

We all hold an established paradigm of how the world works based on our education, culture and life experiences.  Most of us primarily subscribe to a scientific viewpoint of how the world works.  Empirical observation and measurement has brought great advancements to our modern lives.  But if we’ re not careful, this perspective can silently turn into dogma and limit our growth.

Religious dogma in the 1500s demanded that we see the Earth as the center of the universe.  Astronomers had to go to great pains to try to explain the odd orbits of the planets they observed in order to make the data fit the established paradigm.  Copernicus challenged the worldview by proposing that the earth rotated around the sun but out of fear held his views silently until near the time of his death.  It was still many years later before his “fringe” views became our mainstream belief.

Although historians point to Copernicus frequently as the beginning of the scientific revolution, I believe his story can also serve as a cautionary reminder about how a prevalent worldview can serve to limit our evolution if we’re not careful.  One trait that I believe is important to our personal evolution is having both a true open mind balanced with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Balance is important.  If you get out of balance, you can either become a “believer” who accepts all kinds of wild concepts without proper discernment or a so-called “skeptic” who misuses that descriptor as they go out of their way to deny anything that doesn’t fit the current materialist paradigm.  A healthy mix is to have a true open mind that really considers possibilities that may not fit the current scientific position.  One may be a skeptic in name only and misusing that term if they are employing great pains to explain away scientific anomalies in order to maintain the existing paradigm.  Many things done these days in the name of “skepticism” reminds me of the astronomers who offered odd planetary orbits 500 years ago fighting to maintain the status quo.

So my call to you is this—for your highest personal evolution—can you maintain a continous balance between having a true open mind and a real sense of skeptical discernment?  Can you do this even if your most cherished beliefs are called into question?  Can you?

Next time we look at the cautionary tale of the skeptic with a closed mind…

Mark Gilbert


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